You don’t get it mom! I’m edgy and doing my part

  1. Did you play the penis game as a kid? Each kid had to yell it louder than the last? Been 20 years since I thought about it, realizing I was doing my part at 10 lmao

  2. No, you're not thinking big enough. You really wanna piss her off, ask her opinion on Candace Owens. Watch her head explode as she gets to grips with the realization that a black conservative woman exists.

  3. Can someone explain what they meant by decolonize your bookshelf? Cuz I don't even try and yet I got books from all over the world.

  4. i assumed it was referring to school history books or something but everyone is saying mean stuff so now idk lol

  5. It's referring to not having everything you've read to be solely from Great White Dead Men. When you hear it in college from level headed folks they don't mean to soley replace your library with PoC writers. They want you to be exposed to works that will make you more conscious to colonial and post-colonial contexts. However, you will meet a loud minority of people who actually think anything written by those core curriculum dead white guys are problematic and should not be studied. Obviously, that's just as narrow of a viewpoint as the one they're morally against. Cutting GDWM classics is absolutely not supported by post-colonial critics (Edward Said being a notable example in his defense of Heart of Darkness).

  6. In simple terms, decolonization was originally defined as a movement to undo colonialism and imperialism through society wide liberation struggles which may involve violent revolution. But it has been watered down to just corporate diversity training, and simply having varied authors on your bookshelf is refered to as "decolonizing"

  7. White authors are bad. You can only read books written by non-white authors because your race is an important factor when considering your value as a human being. /s

  8. At least in the U.S public schools, they way I was taught about the slave trade and colonialism is very far from the truth and they also leave out a lot of brutal details about what actually occurred. There’s also many events in U.S history that happened such as the Tulsa Race Massacre that we are never taught. They’re saying to support authors (race does not matter, but ofc Redditors will see “colonize” and run with it) who accurately describe historical events in the way that they actually occurred.

  9. That's the thing, I have a cousin like this. Nobody sees her as "woke", "edgy" or anything other than just fucking annoying

  10. My sister proclaimed that she was protesting thanksgiving and the colonizing erasure of the Native Americans. We said “you’re not changing the world or anything you’re just ruining dinner”

  11. Then the person goes back to their echo chamber sub and makes up a story about how their trump supporting uncle went on a racist fraud but they cleverly shut them down and everyone was amazed.

  12. It's offensive to them because you have all English written books and no African languages in your bookshelves, despite you not being able to speak any other languages besides English.

  13. It's a "I want to sound incredibly important and controversial" way of saying "diversify your sources of media away from only western-white influences to get a more balanced worldview". Just worded in a way that's unnecessarily antagonistic so they can feel punchy. OP's title is probably more right than they know; I'd bet anything the psychological payoffs are the same as all the other traditional "not just a phase mom" fare.

  14. In college I noticed how most of my professors who were reinforcing all this wokeness were white women. Idk at the time I felt kinda weird about the idea of someone who has no idea what it’s like to be a POC telling me how I should feel about being a POC.

  15. I've said this repeatedly about different stuff, but anyone that only has one aspect to their personality, regardless of what it is, fucking suuuucks as people.

  16. Yeah thats a weird ass tagline. I can get behind "seek out more minority authors" but that phrase evokes censorship instead. Like, oops Ive got too many white sci fi authors time to burn the Sandersons!

  17. Those are the same sneakers the Apple Jack cinnamon stick dude wears. That big ass feet look that girls be having these days 🤮

  18. Seriously. Imagine how much actual progress we could make if the US had legitimate pro-labor leftists, and not this pathetic joke of a substitute that's endlessly obsessed with divisive identity politics...

  19. She'll put on one shirt each day and take a selfie in the living room while her parents are out for their daily walk. And then change back out of it before they get home.

  20. Decolonize your bookshelf? Wtf does that mean? Do they think forgetting history is the best action to not repeat mistakes?

  21. I think the messaging is cringe, because people like this who are performative with their politics are garbage, but I believe the original intent was an effort to encourage people to read non-eurocentric perspectives on certain historical issues, which I don't necessarily disagree with.

  22. I wish people would understand you can be pro all of these things and not be extremely fucking irritating about it. Being edgy to your mom isn’t going to solve any of these issues.

  23. penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis Not a dirty word

  24. Nothing says inclusivity and progressivism more than: "I get to decide what you should think, or you're a bigot!"

  25. “Pro-Science” is just about the lamest shit you can say. Only fucking idiots aren’t pro science. And the only people as dumb as those fucking idiots, are the fucking idiots who literally feel the need to advertise that they’re “pro-science.”

  26. A loser who wants a revisionist fake history. Every weak pale female like you that goes this route, ends up in a miserable place. I'm sure your prescription and illicit drugs are in there too, but you didn't show that.

  27. I remember a salon article a couple years ago about how to come out as some crazy gender/orientation I’d never heard of to her Nana at thanksgiving. Why?

  28. Imagine going to thanksgiving dinner to see relatives you haven’t seen in years just to see a grown ass woman wearing a t shirt that says vagina

  29. While this lady is probably annoying as fuck, gender dysphoria is a defined medical condition treated by transitioning.

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