I'm getting second hand embarrassment 😭

  1. I don’t care if people are making a skit, but it should at least be funny or interesting. Is “fake” really a concern? They’re doing a bit. It’s just a shit bit.

  2. “Hark! Listen here! Help me for I have gotten jammed in this washing device. I would like some assistance dearest of step brothers” “Someone has been calling for me! Oh dear it seems you have affixed yourself to the dryer. Let me remove my shirt to aid in your retrieval from such predicament “ “Thank you child of step mother. Remove my pants for easier unstuck aiding ability” “Oh shall I remove my pants and have my wicked wiener falling about to have more flexibility?” “Oh what are you doing step brother.”

  3. and costuming. no branch has used BDUs like that for years. it makes it look like he's going hunting after the proposal

  4. If she is at risk of getting fired for being late to work she needs to find a different job anyways

  5. Yeah I’m pretty embarrassed myself. I gotta say the acting isn’t bad enough, it’s the premise that’s unbelievable. I’ve seen way worse acting.

  6. If you’re going to stage a scene like this at least have the self respect to take acting lessons first. This is so obviously fake that it reaches a whole new level of cringe.

  7. Oh shit... A soldier from 1988 kept on his cold war uniform and put on sneakers and grew an put of reg beard to come to the future and propose to a woman.

  8. Wearing a uniform that has been out of regs over a decade ago when times were good because Tik Tok didn't exist. Plus, I always hated seeing the desert sand boots on those uniforms, polished black boots are the only option.

  9. Isn’t this the same jackasses that made the fake-ass proposal video where the guy snuck out of an overhead storage bin on a plane?

  10. When they do this. The acting isn’t even what does it for me. It’s the OLD ASS BDUs and the obviously out of regs haircut and facial hair

  11. I can’t hear what is being said because I’m not turning the volume up but: Jeep Renegades are total shit. I’ve had 2 and they both left me stranded more than once. He did her a favor by spray painting it lol. And here come the downvotes.

  12. A girl I was talking to did this to my car while I was at work and it was really awkward and I kinda reacted the same way

  13. I love how in all of these they’re wearing random ass shoes and don’t have any tapes or patches on their ill-fitting uniform

  14. 2 things. 1st, who was she talking to? I just saw a floating ring. 2nd, does she have to get a car wash?

  15. Not a real uniform, painful acting, and who would purpose as their partner is leaving for work. Gotta love people making content for children

  16. Like..I get that the skit is trying to villify the girl by making her act like a dick to the military dude but honestly some people just don't like grand gestures. If this were real, he would probably have a better plan for proposing that would be good for her. An example from my proposal to my wife: I know she hates being the center of attention so I skipped out on bringing her to a fancy restaurant or getting her whole family involved or proposing in a crowded area. Instead I bought her food from her favorite restaurant and we watched her favorite movie together and I asked her after she told me she had a wonderful night

  17. If it’s real, I feel sorry for the dude and if he won’t break up with her then he is stupid and moron af. If it’s fake, then she suck at acting and they all suck and are attention whores. I’m out

  18. ***F A K E ! *** US military hasn’t used that camouflage pattern since about 2008. He also has a beard which isn’t allowed. He has no rank insignia, name tag, or service tag. US military combat uniforms also don’t have epaulets.

  19. Ungrateful? Look that car, looks like a 5 year old did it. No thought at all. Luckily this is fake, but if it wasn't her reaction is valid

  20. This is why I despise California: They have so much money that they waste it on tik tok clickbait. Not once did they think, “Maybe we shouldn’t graffiti a $50,000 car for a video with the most amateur actors.” Then they do a 180 and bought an army suit that cost a single dollar. Screw you Los Angeles

  21. Not that this video is anything but cringe af and I don't mean to sound like I'm defending it, but these types of videos are absolutely nowhere close to being limited to being a "California" thing. Also, that will come right off. Your irrational hate for California just added to the cringe for me. Take my upvote.

  22. Its a definite cringe, and aweful too if real. To be honest, there is definitely a chance this isnt a fake.

  23. Yeah it’s fake but unfortunately it doesn’t matter. It’s for children and they get many millions of views.

  24. there are videos out there that are exactly like this but actually real. where did the genuine stuff go? are we not doing genuine anymore? is genuine not cool now, it has to be scripted with terrible acting?

  25. Car does look like shit for someone who might OCD . He might of over played his hand as well . Doesn’t seem like he might be the sharpest spork in the kitchen.

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