1. LMAO. The caption is funny. My mom is from the Philippines and I do think Tagalog sounds very similar to Spanish. She also speaks Ilocano which sounds nothing like Spanish.

  2. Tagalog sounds very similar to Spanish due to the fact that Spain colonized the Philippines for three centuries, or 333 years to be exact. So it's to be expected that we adopted a lot of words from them into our own language. And the reason why more regional dialects like Ilocano sound nothing like Spanish is because those dialects are extremely ingrained into the culture of people who live in those regions, so I guess that even 333 years of Spanish rule couldn't force them to change their words.

  3. But Ilocanos (am a native) adopted a lot of Spanish words..Or word Manong and manang (brother and sister) came from Spanish word hermano and hermana.

  4. Tagalog is mostly an Austronesian and the Spanish language had a baby. But sadly, we mostly throw Spanish off the bus thanks to the Thomasites during the American occupation of the country after they switch it to English.

  5. Here some ilocano curse words Ukininam Kinnam Oshang na kitdi Lukdit mo kitde Inka ag bikkilen Kinnasit na atuyen

  6. my grandparents speak tagalog and the only words ive been able to make out are "coma esta" "mga" "diba" and "tabo" i dont even know if i spelled them right

  7. I think Filipino (its like standardized or modern Tagalog, but majority of the words used in Filipino were derived from Tagalog and Spain) is the right term, not Tagalog. Filipino is also the term used for the official language in the Philippines.

  8. I can’t believe the day has finally come where I can watch clips of him and genuinely laugh. How did this happen? When did I stop finding him to be cringe?

  9. This is comedy gold tbh. Obviously staged, but the "I dont speak Spanish" followed by his "crying in pain pose" for being hit by 10g of soggy fast food paper is legitimately funny.

  10. Same, like his surprising hot take on what happened to Astroworld last month is something I actually agree on him.

  11. filipinos now teaching foreigners their language: Pota, bobo, inutel, mangmang, iyot, taena mo, wait i forgot to tell you guys, tang ina mo is a swear word that is mixed filipino and spanish, sorry for late info

  12. There are paywalled essays on this that I have always wanted to read. There is one on the history of pre-Spanish Filipino languages and, for example, the diffusion of Sanskrit words into the Philippines (e.g., words like "guro", "asa", and "mahal"). But those papers are hard to find for free.

  13. As a man hailing from "Asia's latin city", I can surely say, that even after 2 years of high school spanish classes, I still can't speak Spanish for shit.

  14. Ironic, since Nik once made a mukbang of Filipino food and referred to pinakbet (basically mixed vegetables) as "scrumptious skunk."

  15. On the last box, after he says “I don’t speak Spanish.” Does the guy yell “Diez!” or “Yet!” Cause I thought it was “yet” and that makes it even more hilarious.

  16. Some people here saying this, and others saying they barely know the Filipino numbers. My experience is that people code-switch a lot, and often use Spanish for larger numbers.

  17. I'm guessing it's a regional thing. Here in the Bisaya-speaking parts, the Spanish number system is incorporated to the mother tongue. Sure there are some exclusively Bisaya words for numbers but nowadays people just find it easier to use Spanish or English instead. Personally I challenge myself to use Spanish whenever I can.

  18. Count your money in "Filipino." Ask the cashier for change in "Tig-Dadalawampu" and you'll be stared at funny. No one bats an eye if you ask for "Tig-Bibente."

  19. Basically every Spanish colony ever in history.... Also, it wasn't the language that they first taught, it was Catholicism, claiming every land to the name of the Spanish Holy Empire. Whoever made this meme is nuthead

  20. Me after being held back after class by my Spanish teacher because my whole essay was "le" followed by english words

  21. I will always downvote this stupid bitch. I don't care how relevant or seemingly funny the post might be. Fuck this guy and fuck giving him attention.

  22. I don't like Nik, like at all... But that "I don't speak spanish" then getting hit in the face and the head going back is hilarious.

  23. hate to be that guy but whatevs. The Spaniards didn’t teach the common Filipinos the Spanish language cos they wanted to keep the population ignorant and uneducated. That way, they can carry on with their monkey business. The time that some wealthy Filipinos were able to learn to speak Spanish was partly the reason of the revolution. Our official national hero (Jose Rizal. There’s more tho.) was a novelist. Wrote 2 books so triggering to the Spanish clergy that he got the firing squad. In one of the opening chapters, he wrote about varicose veins of a fictional priest and the book was field with those kinds of trolling (Rizal was a fan of Mark Twain).

  24. I'm no hispanista, but tbh we Filipinos should embrace both our indigenous and Hispanic elements in our culture and traditions. Removing the Hispanic elements and just embracing the indigenous ones is like removing what is Filipino in us. After all, the modern Philippines is built by the influences of pre-Spanish polities, Spain, Hokkiens and America.

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