31/01/2022 - GME Bloomberg Terminal information

  1. The train of thought here was that Sherman wasn’t a bad or malicious CEO. He was just the wrong one to lead the turnaround. Homeboy knows what’s coming, and the riches that’ll come his way if he diamondhands.

  2. was just about to ask the same?! that wouldn't even be 10m shares. but gamestops filling from last year said we already DRS'd 5m shares and we know only 20% of apes, if at all have even started drs'ing. sooo...

  3. Question: Insider shares would be RC, right? And it's 1.87%? That gives us, what, 480m shares then? Someone please tell me how I'm misinterpreting this.

  4. Why isn't this the top post today? I thought Bloomberg data was the gold standard. I thought people would be pouring over this.

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