When your hard support first picks Pudge

  1. I'd buy a 101 DotA Tips You Need To Know or DotA Survival Guide book written by Slacks if I saw it on Amazon.

  2. I have a 60% wr on pudge. I also always first pick him to try and ban worst case scenario I play a hero I have a 60% wr on.

  3. Iranian choose Khomeini for their name as a sign of hatred and disappointment. Because they are mad at this guy

  4. Pudge most picked hero yet in a relatively low number of games. First pick it every time it is not banned managed 10 games this year.

  5. Used to do this on the regular, when pudge was one of the worst heroes in the game but still way too popular and people would pick it pos 5. However, it did lead to some of them griefing me for doing it. Lol.

  6. a warlock not caring for the game will do more than a pudge not caring for the game, and the same goes for just about any generic support with a heal or a stun (if your counterpoint is going to be b-b-but dismember is a stun then ok u best brozzer)

  7. Speaking from SEA experience (Herald to Legend bracket), if pudge gets pass the random ban at the start then pick it first phase since it will 99% be banned .

  8. Back in the day you could force people to pick Techies this way, even if no one in your team picked Techies. So it was possible to grief both teams from the minute 0.

  9. Hate them. After long work. At the end of the day, I come to play 1 game of pudge.... Regardless of whether it's rank or unrank... He is always banned or gets banned due to the same pick. This is the reason dota is dying you guys. Even turbo has bans... Sheeh.. I feel aisa would bhave better chance in All random at this point.

  10. If someone done that to me I'd tiny airline him instead lol. The hero is banned like 75% of games, gotta pick him when you actually have the chance.

  11. not just your supports. If anything, he's fine on 4 i guess. It's when he's oicked as 2 or 3 i get the shivers.

  12. He's a garbage pos 4 because he's a melee hero that unlike Clock/SB/Earth Spirit/Other melee pos 4's doesn't play frontline.

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