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  1. I can't open the link. Did they adress the lack of terrain? That players want a terrain more than anything else?

  2. The main issue is that they release BP in a goddamn september, kids went to school, adults are back from vacation, also Sept doesnt have as many work free days as May or June which means people have less time, also days are shorter which is also a factor, so unless you are are student which have free time till October you litterally cannot play as much as you could in spring/summer.

  3. But was this really the issue at hand? Wasn't like 90% of the outrage about the coming soons and the shittier (and fewer) treasures?

  4. Yeah thats what we want to know. The update to the financial future of the scene we support. Hats are cool but hats that support a larger crowd are even cooler

  5. On release of the Battle Pass, one theme we've noticed in community feedback is that players don't feel like they're making progress commensurate with the amount of matches that they have been playing. With that in mind, we looked at the data for the 2022 Battle Pass compared to The International 10 Battle Pass to see if the data matched this perception. What we found is that even though the amount of points players can potentially earn is similar between the two Battle Passes, the median amount that has been earned is lower in the 2022 Battle Pass. As a result, a hardcore player will have a similar amount of points, but a more casual player is likely to have fewer points than before.

  6. It's hilarious that something is not working for multiple weeks and the compensation is a single week for freeeee.

  7. It is the right direction Valve is taking, answer to community concern, but this is not the only issue with battlepass, many contents are missing compare to previous battlepass, many contents are "coming soon", and what about the money distribution plan for 2nd phrase of battlepass? Is Valve going to take it all or part of it will be contribute to next season's DPC and Majors or TI11? Valve need to address those issues/questions as well

  8. i think my biggest problem remains that they removed all the fun and iconic activities that would give you points and just made whatever was left give you more points, basically, grinding isn't as fun as before because there's literally nothing new

  9. Right? If we look at what they're doing with actual activities, they're basically doing little to nothing different here other than give people 500 points earlier on the non-bonus weeks. But otherwise, it's still the same stuff we're gonna be doing.

  10. "We brought in our best mathematicians and scientists to crunch the numbers and do extensive research. In the end, what they found is that, yes...... we do appear to have been caught knowingly being much more greedy just to see if we could get away with it."

  11. I always buy base battle pass, and usually end up level 80-100. My highest was 130-something. I genuinely can’t see myself reaching level 70, even with the changes.

  12. The amount of levels you can earn in total is already crazy good, it’s not in valve’s best interest to give everyone easy access to hit 500-600 levels so they have to balance it

  13. Eh. It's still half baked- I can't see an incentive to get the levels in the first place when the rewards themselves are so severely lacking. This is a knee jerk fear reaction due to the decrease in Battle Pass sales so far- do not let this sway you. This is them giving us CRUMBS to try and satiate the content starvation they're supplying us with.

  14. Absolutely. It feels like Valve was testing to see what they could get away with and that it's backfired enough that they're scrambling to restore faith.

  15. The dota plus "compensation" reeks of shady dealer tactics, too. People who have already bought this product are complaining, so they give it out to a bunch of people who never paid for it (and therefore, maybe never wanted it?) for free. Everybody knows why the first taste is free. They only did this to get more people buying dota plus.

  16. Imagine being Valve, making as much money as they do and still only giving out two free levels a week, assuming you win ten matches. I can't remember the last game I played that made me feel as if the developers actually had disdain for their player base. The worst part is that this will be celebrated as if it's some massively generous update.

  17. Right? Compare to Fortnite, Valorant, Apex, any of these other games with a BP and for $10 you get a shit ton of content if you play the game.

  18. i dont think they understand that more than just the progression we're lacking content, content is the problem here, where is the T3? terrain? CM spinwheel?

  19. seriously, like wow progression got helped but what's the point when there's not much content in between the meat and potatoes of the bp which need actual money to feasibly get to. Even the taunts which not a lot of people really care that much of are missing and still to come.

  20. I'll never understand Valve's ability to have the potential to make something fun and awesome that the community adores right in front of them and constantly fuck it up.

  21. Well, perfect is the enemy of Good but... wish I could get just a little more each week... idk, maybe Diretide/pt2 will remedy some problems but honestly that feels like a cop out and at that point just... not release anything until then??

  22. While these changes are good, I don't think they address my main concern with this year's pass. The pass feels underwhelming, the pass is light on content and the only major cosmetic that is available is the void arcana that is $200.. Previous battle passes had a lot more content. I'm level $100 and I all I got were few immortal chests and the bullshit bubbles.

  23. Not enough of a change for me to justify buying it. Sort of disappointing because now the official verdict from valve is they are only willing to add two free levels a week.

  24. No terrain, no PvE, no Treasure 3, no Spin-wheel, no alternative creep skin, no Part 2/‘coming soon’ bullshit clarification, and much more.. Oh, and they increased the BP levels prices. No one is mentioning that.

  25. Wtf, really? I'm a fellow brit and already bought 250 levels, so won't be buying any more. Good for me if the later content is actually good, right?

  26. They haven't addressed it because it won't. The money will go straight into their pockets. Just like nemestice and aghs lab. If you think otherwise you are delusional.

  27. There was a post on this subreddit the day of the battle pass release that asked if some profit from BP part 2 would go to DPC and a dev replied to it with literally just “No” and said nothing else

  28. How about a morphling remodel? Instead of personas for heroes who have Arcanas already. Poor thing looks like gum under your shoe

  29. They didn't fix turbo. It doesn't make sense all missions giving half reward, some of them has the same expected progression with time as normal, but they put half because they are lazy about it. Last aghs battlepass it was different. You have to play a lot more in turbo because of that.

  30. Thought they were actually going to address the real problems with BP like content but I guess my wallet is saved yet again. Good guy Valve wanting players to save money.

  31. You could get the CM persona before with hard grind and now you can get it relatively easy. With the other stuff, that's good value for $10 (or even less for countries that have lower prices)

  32. Remove the cap on points per week, bring back point wagering and allow people to recycle unwanted immortals and sets for two levels again, THEN people will be happy.

  33. What lack of content? I keep hearing that but the only thing truly missing is the new terrain and creeps. We still got 2 personas and 2 Arcanas. Sure, it's 1 less than 2020 which was a special occasion for TI10, but that's still 1 more than 2019 (in 2018 we had 0 Arcanas and 0 personas). Sets are still there, cavern crawl still there, stuff are time gated like always. Nobody gave a shit about cm spin in previous years. There's 1 less immortal treasure, but they've presumably moved those immortals to the new diretide event instead.

  34. Classic Valve, let all the things that are wrong pile up then safely choose 1 topic to address and ignore all the other problems

  35. Start of some good changes, glad to see it. Think it needs more work especially since we are still left wondering what happens exactly in part 2, what happens with the money just tell us straight up.

  36. So...36 levels but still feels like it is nothing. I mean, the bp feels empty and not a worth of gringing if you can only get bubles and ballons

  37. so instead of addressing the lack of treasures being very scarce they added 2lvls per week and made it so doing the quests rewards it more often but same lvls. thats disappointing .

  38. I hate this update. Me as an individual that has too much time on my hands, find validation in grinding the game and taking pride in the content that I unlock by doing so. This update gives all those filthy casuals everything I was working so hard for, for free!!1 This will also influx the market and devalue the battle pass items. Fuck this communist corporation.

  39. I think I have the physical aegis from last 3 TI's, so I was >1000 level in them, but I still haven't bought this one.

  40. This is still bs. Look at the numbers. Valve wants our money and I wouldn’t even care if the rewards were actually good. What a lacklustre battle pass for maximum cost to the player. We play for weeks and only progress if we win games? Which means Half the people playing get nothing for every game. Everyone should gain points for Every game played. And we should have some awesome rewards available. Not this current garbage.

  41. Hmmm still no update on the shitty weekly quest system and the lack of "dead" stars for those that don't play specific heroes to easily get quests. Time to go spam sniper and wraith king in coop bot matches.

  42. Previous BP had wager which I assume, since personally for me as a casual, is one of the main contribution of the progressing feel. Points per match could be a good sub for that. Nice of them taking that into consideration.

  43. This is such shit. What a letdown from y’all. This game is dying thanks to valve and valve alone. Look at all other games battle passes, no empty levels, easy to progress, AND you get your investments back. Its shocking how out of touch Valve is. As someone who has been playing dota since 2005, this might be the final nail in the coffin. Shucks.

  44. Why is everything in turbo half credit? It doesn't take me half as long to deny a creep in turbo, it doesn't take me half as long to stack a camp. On average it doesn't take half as long to play a full match either but I can at least understand that one. Where did this policy come from to be applied so heavy handedly.

  45. It’s not the levels Valve, players who love the game will pay a high price if the content is worth it. The quantity of content is so low compared to the past.

  46. If it's a BP update, then why is 90% of the content still missing? More like minor patch. Absolute joke.

  47. Nice compensation for your paid subscription feature not working for several weeks. Give your paying customers... a tiny bit more of the subscription they are already paying for? Only Valve can get away with this lmao

  48. A fraction more points for the casual player, but any sizable reward will nonetheless be out of their hands. More points will just emphasize the lack of content.

  49. I mean, as somebody who bought the Battle Pass this feels kind of nice for me, but at the same time not addressing the lack of content in the BP is kind of sus... I think this could have completely addressed the issue if they just released a new terrain with this update. That would have probably made people happy, but this is still just barely not enough...

  50. Although it is supposedly easier for casual players to gain level, the rewards in the battlepass still remain unchanged. It just means we are getting those coming-soon rewards faster. Well, better than nothing I guess.

  51. Doesnt address the fact that BP is basically a $75 NZD goody bag that contains $15-worth of items. Technically $0 worth right now. I wouldnt pay money for anything it gives currently.

  52. Is free dota plus only for people who doesn't have dota plus already? Cuz I paid for this months subscription already.

  53. 36 levels over the remaining 18 weeks doesn’t compensate for the missing levels from last BP and doesn’t magically add the missing content

  54. As nice as this is, it doesn't at al address mine and others concerns. The TI8 BP was full of content, and was easily levelled without paying (although I did pay lol). This BP is now, supposedly, as easily levelled, with half the content.

  55. They listened. Sure it’s not perfect but it’s a step in the right direction. Makes me more optimistic about the state of the game tbh

  56. good but the bonus chest weeks shouldnt need full stars to get all of them.. why not just make it like 16/18 or 15/18 etc stars like the rest of the weeks???

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