Some good news, Dota 2 peak players reaches 867,484, highest since May 2019!

  1. Been playing League since season 1. Stopped playing LoL for 2 months now. Went to Dota instead. Yesterday I hit 2000 mmr on Dota. Would be more if I didn't play ranked trying to figure out what position was best for my play style. This game is so good man

  2. mechanically game is better and has more options, community wise game is worse, also the integrated mob justice makes experimenting unplayable which makes the whole game unplayable

  3. Same situation as me, although I had played a bit of Dota before. League is extremely boring and there's simply too many toxic champions in the game that remain untouched by Riot.

  4. I tried lol after playing dota2 for years. Felt like drinking water while expecting to taste vodka. Went back to 90% alcohol (dota2).

  5. Same I love league due to nostalgia but dota is better game. Way more depth, counters, graphics, build diversity, voiclines, and I can deny farm…tried to play league 2 days ago and had to fight the urge to ‘a’ click my own creep

  6. i left dota 2 long time ago and recently came back as i am bored of other games .. done with spiderman; lost ark has no content etc and end of apex season. maybe if there is good online game coming soon.. will take break from dota 2. i assume its the case with lot of returning players. i see some of the streamers came back to dota 2 recently too.

  7. A lot of my friends have jumped back into the game as of recently and honestly we are having the most fun dota we’ve ever played (years of playing together, a handful of tournaments and hundreds of games).

  8. Grubby really reeling in some players. Which is a very good thing to me because his personality brings positivity to the community. Welcome !

  9. April and May were the peak of the Autochess trend, by June multiple autochess alternatives had released (including TFT and Dota Underlods), taking away most of the autochess crowd from dota and into those game instead.

  10. i "quit" dota about 4 years ago (married, bought a house, yadda yadda yadda) I didn't even play when covid struck, but for some reason last 6 months I was just ina lul when it came to gaming and decided to give it another go. Forgot how much fun dota was and much to the chagrin of my wife have been playing a lot the past few months....the craziest thing is I've seen is ton of people who are doing the same thing, I check in on player profiles from time to time and see this same 3-5 year gap and then an acitivity spike around the same time I came back. I never even had a "I'm quitting dota moment" life got in the way and i wasn't able to play as much, I lost a couple of games and then i just sort of unceremoniously stopped playing. Feels good to be back

  11. These steam data are including China sever players, china has their own game client, but the data is shared, that's why everyone can use steam (change the launch options) play in China sever

  12. All this speculation but it’s really how long can you hold off not playing dota till it pulls you back

  13. Not gonna lie but please appreciate valve where the credit is due , i mean after the outrage they gave 2 lvls every week , bp chests in the weekly quests . I mean i got 8k and 2k lvls from 2 chests just bought a lvl 1 bp and got lvl 28 today ( bought it 10 days back) i mean for lvl 1 its good , music pack looks good too stickers also looks like a way to engage more people , though it still not justifies the empty lvls but yeah they did something ..

  14. Valve has made a clear concerted effort to make the game easier to get into, as well as improving communication and providing alternative gameplay modes more often as well as featuring community game modes, which is critical for improving casual loyalty.

  15. I got my lvl 1 bp for $5 thanks to regional pricing, am currently level 37 halfway through my cavern crawl, and i got a golden nothingtosay player sticker from my one pack today and sold it for $8 so it already paid for itself, seems good to me

  16. Valve has been really good at giving bad products and fixing it when the consumers complain it’s kinda nice to know that we have a voice but man I with they would just make things good

  17. I have no horse in this race because I quit playing Dota, but it's a classic tactic to release something far below expectations then move it back up to somewhere you expect to be.

  18. After my post here I just want to play more and more, so you can count on me to be in these number of players

  19. It is always so funny to me to visit reddit whenever I feel like Dota is in a great place. According to reddit, Dota 2 is currently in the worst place ever, yet players are returning by the hundreds of thousands, viewership is up, new content creators are popping up and the BP offers more levels than ever if you do the math lol

  20. new content, dota 2 is a good game but lacks of content due to poor management from valve. Therefore, every time new content is released (bp/patch/etc.), there will be an increase on player pool: casual players returning. Once they remember why they leave this game (awful matchmaking, awful ranked system, griefers, smurfs, toxic behavior, etc,) they will leave the game again.

  21. There are also a whole lot of smurfs and new accounts. Every match I get at least 1 player who is using a new account. If we play in party of 2-4 the remaining are always new accounts. Our party ranks varies from crusader to divine and all have normal behavior score.

  22. I recommend taking a break from reddit now and then. This place has become a hate-bubble for the game an everything that is related to it. The game is actually doing well, is getting more views and players again. Even the Dragon's Blood was actually really successful, contrary to what reddit believes. It was in the global Top 10 several times.

  23. What's the reasoning behind the trend change in player count? I can't imagine dota would be the game of choice for zoomers considering how popular fortnite and valorant are

  24. That's great. What's worse some of them deny their own wards as Shadow Shaman in turbo. If I'd want sweat, I could go to the gym, geez

  25. I was feeling super burned out like 2-3 months ago but I’ve been having a lot more fun again, can’t really put my finger on it.

  26. I believe this might have somenthing to do with techies not being the good ole techies that scare off everyone. But i will say i've played dota less because my fav char got butchered.

  27. Blatantly malicious money grubbing battlepass for the third time in a row makes me REALLY not want to play dota even after 4k hours. I almost never play it now. Once every few weeks. One day, it'll be the last time, and it aint coming soon enough.

  28. And this with the worst battlepass ever, and (due to it plus the time it was released) the lowest TI prizepool since TI7.

  29. I have played about a game a day for the last 3 or 4 months in some capacity. The actual game itself (below anything high tier, I am guardian level) feels really fun and brawly. Games go back and forth and are exciting until the end. Every once and awhile I have a bad egg that ruins a game either to my bane or benefit, but generally the games are competitive and fun.

  30. I'm one of those 'new' players. Played a lot in 2013-2014 and am back and upset at how bad I am now. We'll see how long I last.

  31. I feel like using the peak player as some sort of standard is bad practice, average player count should be the one being looked at.

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