Did Valve reduce the probability of getting more levels after the first bonus week?

  1. I also only got 1k points for all 4 chests. But I'm always unlucky so I didn't expect to get anymore

  2. As the bonuses are free on the basis that you have the battle pass, EU regulation shouldn’t apply as you aren’t considered gambling as no money is involved

  3. Hope you get lucky?? Dude all I got is 1k from all chests. 21lvls from 7 chests is pretty good

  4. it wont be consistent obviously. i think it depends on your luck. someone else might have got more points this time compared to how many you got last time

  5. it's just a system that randoms from weighted options (the higher the amount of points the less likely it is to get), you were lucky the first week and unlucky the second one.

  6. Heard lots of people complaining about this tbh, but for me my first chest gave me 4k points, second 16k points (how), the last one I opened gave me 1k. Suspicious...

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