Favorite Dota Hero and why?

  1. Terrorblade. Nothing feels better than having a good game with him. You have this huge badass meta mf with 4 equally huge and badass illusions that just shred everything around them.

  2. I can never play a good tusk game. May I ask, what build do you like? I like the hero and I always get destroyed if I play him.

  3. I feel like when Im against a DS, every single fight, my entire team forgets how strong DS ult is, and it goes from a 5v5 to a 9v5 real fast.

  4. Nah but that’s what makes her counterable and adds a huge positioning aspect to the hero. I’m a drow spammer too but it would be pretty lame if she could 1v1 you melee range like sf can.

  5. Current Drow needs E to even kill any heroes. Old Drow is so gimmick that only gets picked in an all ranged draft.

  6. Love playing Hoodwink. Good kill lane pairing. Scurry makes the glass cannon aspect more fun. Cleaning up fleeing enemies with her ult never gets boring. She was more fun when she had her scurry invis talent, but I still like the reworked version.

  7. Me too mate, think being able to run through trees is the best for survivability. Always fun to get away on 1% hp

  8. Never actually played or even tried Hoodwink. From my limited exposure, she looks like a variation of Windranger in many aspects. What do you think?

  9. Dazzle. I love saving people from death and trolling enemies this way. I developed a habit years ago of pressing the 2nd skill button when an ally is low hp.

  10. I love playing Ogre because you can fuck up continuously and the hero just keeps doing whatever and it works. Even more forgiving than Spirit Breaker, which is probably my true favourite if I'm winning. Honourable mention to Tide for another idiot proof hero.

  11. Rubick. I just feel like a good rubick player is a good pudge player, a good dazz, a good ES... a good player in any hero, tbh. Not to mention he's actually really fun to play even if you don't get luxurious items❤️

  12. Tiny. He was the first hero I enjoyed playing when I started playing in 2012. I suck with Tiny these days though. I suck with most heroes these days to be fair.

  13. Mirana. Love just whole lore about her, and ofc Sagan is super funny. Also that satisfaction when you hit arrow from 3 screens away is nice.

  14. Kunkka. Had some of the closest games and comebacks with the hero back when 3 divine 2 daedalus and a blink was the meta on him.... Good old times how I miss them. Edit spelling

  15. Visage. Can easily do stuff by myself when my team sucks too much to play with me. Doesn't matter if my hero is dead as long as the birds are alive. And nothing beats the smug feeling of receiving a Finger of Death while on 200 HP with full Gravekeeper's stacks.

  16. Waht i like more about slark is that in and out gameplay. Hide in trees for 5 sec and go back in full hp.

  17. For me it's Riki, something about the quick pace the hero can be played at, low cooldown high mobility spells, the ability to fight with one item, I also like void spirit for a lot of the same reasons

  18. Brood mother. God, I just wish for her to have more immortals and cache sets. Snowballs the laning phase really hard after getting level 6. Creates space and takes farm from the enemy really fast. Kiting-in-and-out is just so satisfying cuz of her web's free pathing.

  19. My favorite is Rubick because you can make countless amounts of creative plays with any spell, and even more so if there are great ultis like black hole or chronosphere, you put pressure on the enemy so that you can steal it and ultear better than them.

  20. Vipor, I can play him in any lane as any pos (except 5), plus build any item in the game on him and it will still be viable. My favourite is playing him offlane and making him into a tank.

  21. Whenever I kind of feel like playing but I'm questioning if I'm in the mood, Storm's voicelines cheer me right up.

  22. Naga Siren, just always fun and you can theorize how to win even when you're being throned and there is no real way of winning but sometimes naga does naga things and it all works out. Also wraith king because I'm basically brain dead since I play this game in my age and jugg because I'm juggernaut, lich.

  23. PotM cause im a princess just like her lol and also i love tilting midlaners, safelaners, supports, your mom, your dad, your dog, etc. plus i really like the moon themed heroes in general. but mostly i spammed her and climbed from 3k to 5k back whenever i was low rank. so i kinda have a soft spot for mira soft support.

  24. Clock. Don’t like his aghs, but the way you can solo kill non-tanky carries early-game with hook->cogs->battery assault is perfection. Shame he doesn’t scale too well late game though

  25. Clock, i just like staying high ground in enemy jung and see the despair in the safe laner when he walks right on top of me and i start to q. Wanna hit me? Blademail:)

  26. MK - love the voice lines and the different movement (jumping on trees,leaping, and changing into over 100 things). Just wish I got a chance to use him when he first came out and was good lol

  27. Brewmaster for all 2 and half people that play him. From warcraft he was panda he simple but complex and just funny because he’s drunk bear

  28. earthshaker because who doesn't like playing earthshaker? his stun just hits differently if you land it *chef kiss*

  29. Ogre magi. That multicast is hilarious. Running up to the enemy team with sheepstick, they all become pigs. Then Dagon them. Midas glove the nearby creep wave outta existence and then run away laughing

  30. Invoker. I started playing him back when Deafening was a hard disable, back when EMP worked through Tornado, and back when safelane zoovoker was actually viable.

  31. Nyx. There’s some kind of brainworm living inside my head waiting to one shot supports from invis, cook up some fresh carapachE, and baby ravages

  32. Right now it's Oracle. People underestimate his crazy burst early on and don't know how his spells work. Since your allies don't know how your hero works, they're more likely to not flame you since they don't know you fucked up. And of course the endorphins and pride of blocking damage from heavy ass nukes and combos like Necro/Lina/Sky/Lion BS

  33. Mine is Jakiro, I have him at level 30.. I love the animations of the spells and I love all the clicking combos.. I found a crazy right click build from Rizpol On YouTube with skadi and he’s pretty unstoppable

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