Some Weed from Dutch coffeeshops is found to be contaminated with synthetic cannabinoids

  1. I saw that too, but I don’t know if it is really that bad. He was talking about 90% in Germany and that just seems too much. Maybe just the vice sensationalism, maybe not

  2. Dutchie here. When I was a bit younger, 16 I guess I experimented with this with a mate after watching a documentary on the spice epidemic in the UK. Our reasoning was that if you add a little bit of synth, we could spice the weed up a bit, making it a bit more potent. Obviously not to the point of it causing spice tweakers and all that. It sounds retarded I know but I was a 16 year retard back then.

  3. This secondary source, complete with lab testing and governmental warning, does give credence to the notion that there is something horrible going on in the European weed market. It says you basically can no longer accurately tell the difference between strong cannabis and cannabis sprayed with synth noids, and that's fucking scary man.

  4. The "Nark II" reagent does react with the most known cannabinoids. But the specific noid in the laced weed is not covered in any reagent test AFAIK.

  5. Weird that people working outside the bounds of the law with no regulation and relative impunity would do something subversive to cut costs and make money. Legalize it so we can test it for safety!

  6. Was in Amsterdam last year - popped by a very very small coffeeshop. Gave the guy 10 euro and asked to roll me a gram J. It was the highest I’ve ever been, I did a walking tour afterwards and visited the palace. Holy hell, I’ll never forget after smoking that and thinking it was laced with mdma or something. Great time!

  7. It's generally not worth it in America where weed has already been bred to be extremely potent and is generally on the cheaper side, however Amsterdam is where many of these noid research chemicals are produced.

  8. It is totally worth it now when you can buy CBD hasch and buds for the cheaps then spray some shit on it. There is tons of profit in that. So of course it is worth it.

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