How do two co-founders with the same experience decide who ultimately gets to be CEO?

  1. Why do you need a CEO? Divide responsibilities up in the partnership or operating agreement ( or bylaws). Then stay in your lane. Try MD or MP for both of you. It's not about who's in charge or who's dominating. It's about getting the job done. Who does better with each task? Who likes it more? Who adds the most value to each responsibility? Take turns. Someone has to empty the trash. Why not you this week?

  2. Whoever is more decisive with more critical thinking skills. It's not all black and white. You're both separate people and have separate abilities. The CEO takes on the majority of the pressure from any company. If you fold under pressure or cannot be decisive during high pressure situations then it'll probably be better if he leads. It's called a company for a reason, the CEO is not the only person in the group.

  3. I have 2 cofounders who both have (had) more experience than me in starting companies. They voted me in as CEO because I present and sell in a more polished way, but they are 100% complementary to my skill set. we equally share the equity. It’s not always perfect or smooth but we work it out and I’m so blessed to have them as peers, colleagues, and friends. We are a team of badasses and have grown our company to about $8M in revenue.

  4. When it's just the 2 of you, that decision doesn't need to be of you might naturally grow into a leader role based on your personality. One of you may be more operational and process driven (COO), one of you might just focus on client acquisition and marketing (CMO). Until you're making $10k/month, there's really no point in trying to figure it out if you're stuck.

  5. How about both of you just be co-founders? I wouldn’t worry about titles if it’s just the two of you in the company, make that decision when you start having employees.

  6. The one who derives most energy from building teams, raising capital, being a spokesperson and having real, pragmatic vision and the ability to execute should be CEO. In my experience people who WANT to be the CEO are rarely if ever qualified to be in a leadership position.

  7. Lay out all the responsibilities in the business divide them between each founder based on individual experience or desire. Don't worry about the title. If you really want a CEO then one person puts more time or money then make them the CEO, the other could be COO or President or VP.

  8. One of the founders is likely to be better at public facing activities (speaking to groups, on-camera ...) and the other is likely more ops and analytics. Sure both might be good in both areas, but it seems cleaner to this route and have a CEO and COO.

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