NFTs as a poor mans Patent?

  1. The real tried and true "poor mans patent" is to draw up your idea on paper, date it, sign it, and mail it to yourself using USPS registered mail and save the receipt and UNOPENED letter in different places.

  2. But you will have to prove the letter is not tampered with. If you have any cheap storage box solutions in your area that can also be used. They will maintain log of when you opened the box.

  3. NAL, At best it could serve as proof of prior art. Maybe you can keep someone else getting a patent on it, but you could not use it as a patent itself to defend the IP from someone else using it.

  4. Yes. I actually wanted to allow a platform to do property deeds until researching saw my government accepted a bid already. It can work. Many think NFT is jpeg images, it’s not. It cert of auth, etc

  5. You mean provisional. And the grace period is only in a limited number of countries (like the US). In much of the world, publication pre-filing for patent protection is a donation to the public domain.

  6. A regular plain vanilla patent is the poor man's patent in a way. Plenty post here they patented something. Oblivious that China will treat your patent as if you just made up the word, while American companies will dare you to sue. Then retaliate a dozen times over for infringing their patent hoard -- just what patent hoards were designed for.

  7. Could it function as a way of dating a creation in the same way that a stamped and unopened USPS package would? Yes

  8. NFTs are bullshit scams. Patents can be useful, but they don't prevent copying, you must defend them in court. This is never fast, cheap or easy

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