Best breakfast place in Cincy?

  1. Just tried "cedar" in covington (just across the river from cincy, you'll drive through it on 75 from the airport) and was stupid good, will definitely be going back. I got the filet and eggs and she got the chicken and waffles, best chicken and waffles ever had. Would also recommend the Kentucky cold brew (buffalo trace bourbon cream and cold brew)

  2. i’d argue that maplewood isn’t at the same level as the others but it’s still quite good. also, if you end up staying a little more north (like around west chester), liberty center’s northstar cafe is also quite good.

  3. Boomtown in OTR/Pendleton, which isn’t too far from TQL Stadium and the Taste of Belgium—any location but I like going down to The Banks/Ohio River location because of the views.

  4. Northside Yacht Club is a good spot too. I don’t know if they do brunch everyday but good food nonetheless.

  5. Amazing how fast these woke bros will downvote anything west side and anything chain. First Watch is actually pretty delicious. Just not hipster enough.

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