personal account banned but ads are still running..

  1. Oddly enough we went through this once when we were spending around 4k a day on ads. Personal profile kept spending for around 21 days, bank eventually blocked FB from charging the card. I ended up filing a lawsuit for the 84k and FB had refunded the charges and the account stopped spending - although I never was able to get it unlocked. It's still locked to this day, we bought new BM's and accounts and run ads from those.

  2. Did you have to make a new page? I just literally made a new page and did this because the account that made the original page was deleted. I passed it to my wife's account. My wife's ad account was then suspended after trying to make a pixel. After 6 months of no help from Facebook. No reason given, no solution. Only error messages. they suspended it it when I reached out to them. I finally gave up on their support as they seem very useless. Asking me now to verify an account that isn't asking for verification. I simply showed them a new error that came up yesterday after months of an unexpected error has occured. That said it had been to long to appeal and no verification had been done. So now they want her to verify as if she is a politician. Which the form they send me says not to do if you aren't a politician... this level of incompetence makes it so I'll never give them my government issued ID. I made a facebook account only to run ads, after I was unable to still make a pixel. I deleted the page and made a new page. Moved all the content and started ads again. Today I got home and the account is locked out. I uploaded the photo like they asked.

  3. We had an account ban recently with spend continuing for a few days until we turned it off. The best part was that it continued spending but immediately stopped getting results. Facebook loves small business.

  4. Well I know it's still spending for 2 reasons. My wife's account was showing it still active, but shortly after the personal account was banned she lost the ability to see the ads. I also started this page yesterday. The likes are still going up slowly. So I guess at least I'm still seeing some results for now. I'm protesting Facebook until this gets fixed. My wife has set her account to be permanently deleted now. Essentially this is her business, I just help with the ads. It's so unfortunate that this is happening to so many people. :( Did you get it back up and running?

  5. Lol now they are asking me questions to verify the account. This is super sketchy. They asked questioned about where I lived when I was 7 or 8...

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