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  1. Ad accounts are constantly getting suspended for no reason. Then we review and it gets opened back up. Is fb seriously allowing their algos that much control and they are that bad at stopping the wrong things. Feel like it’s turning into a “computer says no” big brother business. If we spent as much as we do on fb on tv, the Tv guys would worship us and help us immediately. What’s the go there? Why they so tight on support and reps even for us big spenders

  2. Thank you for this opportunity!! Getting results on Facebook ads after iOS 14 has been a shit-show. Do you know what's going on? Also, would you be willing to take a look at my ads?

  3. Honestly, no! They tell us the same shit they tell you. Facebook departments keep a lot of secrets from each other lmao. The "internal team" (which includes engineering) probably knows whats up and the gravity of the issue, but it's all Apple powerplay. I'm not even sure if FB is cooking something.

  4. If a page gets taken down is there any work around? Currently experiencing this issue and unable to run ads Bc I need a page connected to the account

  5. If you're only restricted to run ads on your page, there is still a chance to recover it through facebook.com/accountquality. If it's unpublished and deleted by Facebook, unless you are a managed client by FB, then there's no other workaround as Concierge can't escalate this issue to the policy team for reactivation.

  6. Heyy dude, I've been testing many ad sets & creatives on Facebook and the ROAS is between 2-4 depending on the interests in the first 2-4 days with a really good CPP but after 3-4 days they usually die and CPP rises tremendously.

  7. Keep your ads in learning phase. Just keep making changes to the ad set or ads. Some accounts perform better in learning phase.

  8. All other self-serve instagram support forms are automated. The only people who have chances of recovering their inaccessible IG account are those who pay top dollar for ads unfortunately.

  9. Very much! Even us who work for fb support feel like outsiders. There's barely any resolvable issues on the front end of support. I know they're working on something, but I think we still lack the manpower so everything moves sooo slow

  10. If all of those Ad Accounts are in good standing, you can request to have more. At the moment they're permitting up to 50 ad accounts in an unmanaged BM. And then you can request more if you maximized 50. You can go to support chat for this

  11. How about the personal ad account that was disabled permanently. Is there something we can do? And about the business manager that was hacked and I can no longer messaged the support thru email and chat.

  12. Do you have any other admins/employees in the Business Manager who can access the chat support? We have a way of cleaning things up for hacked BMs. If your personal account that was banhammered is the one connected to your hacked BM, you can still recover it. Sometimes, support reps don't have initiatives, but if you're persistent enough, you can recover it.

  13. If you’re still going to look over the thread, what is Facebook team thinking of implementing once Google bans 3rd party cookies in 2022? How will it affect FB Pixel?

  14. Why is the Facebook Marketing Expert program so spammy? 3 calls in 15 minutes, 1 voicemail, and an email. And is the program as scripted as it seems? It feels like they are looking at the account for the first time when they talk to advertisers. Also, are you based out of Phoenix?

  15. Any tips on finding the right audience for heavy machinery industries(jcb, bobcat) etc ? Targeting b2b customers with these interests have been tough

  16. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!! Just curious, how do I stop those bot traffic from Facebook after scheduling my ads. From what I heard, Facebook send those traffic to verify whether the store is authentic or not

  17. I am running ads and getting sales but all the sales show up under “uncategorized” when I use breakdown by age, country, etc. And no they are not all coming from IOS. Asked FB support but they blame IOS

  18. My ad account got suspended under my name last year. Is there any way to remove the suspension and open up new business as account?

  19. Will conversion lift tests be back? And if not why as Snapchat have already developed their workaround and are offering them? And if conversion lift tests come back, will the option to optimise to incremental conversions come back too? Or did Facebook realise it loses them money!

  20. Dude answers one or two questions and then vanishes. At least we know he was telling the truth about working for Facebook, I guess.

  21. What's the best way to use bid caps? I want to win the auction as I'm getting bad leads now. I have a lot of comp with broad audiences. Is it best to use a high bid cap such as 3 or 4 x cpl and what should I multiply my daily budget? So if my cpl is $15 and daily budget say $50 should I set bid cap at $45 and daily budget at $150 or $200? Previously with bid caps I've had no luck but I've read different suggestions previously?

  22. Hey, I run the ads for a large company, we have over 400 ad accounts and spend A LOT of money every day. Our business manager is restricted and they are saying it can take months for it to resolve.

  23. Right at the beginning of COVID, my company started selling face masks. We have a supplier overseas and so we started selling face masks. This was early in 2020 right at the beginning of the coronavirus and there was zero problem with this at the time. Multiple companies large and small were selling them. And ours were good-quality medical/surgical masks direct from our supplier. Suddenly, Facebook decides selling facemasks is against their rules, and with absolutely zero communication with us whatsoever, rejects all of our ads, shuts down the account and then a few days later comes in shuts down the entire business manager. Weeks, literally weeks after that, a tab appears in everyone's account telling us we can't advertise COVID-related products. Oh really? Okay, thanks for letting us know.

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