lorne has the best day of his life and the worst day of his life in the same day 😂

  1. I love how she didn’t even say happy b-day to him.. like he goes in and she’s his whole life and meanwhile all the decoy knows about him is “name is lorne should bring condoms and pizza”

  2. This is probably a story few will believe but whatever. A late 20s model from the UK who believed we were soulmates flew to the US on her dime and proceeded to go to my apartment (left a key for her) so she could change into lingerie and blow me when I returned from work before we said hello. This was our plan and while I’m much better looking than Lorne am no model! I was so nervous on the way home from work that I would arrive to find my place robbed or be killed that I couldn’t appreciate the awesomeness of what was happening because my heartbeat was so jacked up. Mind you - this was all with a woman in her 20s who I video chatted with daily for two weeks. There was no chance it was a sting but I was worried it was my ex trying to humiliate me or a cartel robbing me the whole day. I can’t imagine Lorne was relaxed enough to be happy but he is an idiot so it’s possible.

  3. I would call Lorne's life a Greek or Shakespeare-esque tragedy, but a major aspect of those fables is that the main characters start off as young, idealistic, innocent, and have generally noble goals - Lorne was a piece of shit from the beginning and got everything he deserved.

  4. I personally wouldn’t survive it, just the extreme high of meeting your princess on your birthday to the extreme low of realizing it was all a fake setup for a tv show/ law enforcement. I personally wouldn’t survive which is why I love watching Lorne go through it

  5. He was in a massage chair too. There’s a comment I saw on youtube that I love. “He experiencing the most uncomfortable moment of his life while sitting in an incredibly comfortable chair.”

  6. His personal life is pretty well documented otherwise, and, yes, this in fact was the best moment of his life.

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