After TruBlu fails and vanishes, do you think we’ll see Hansen again? (Aside from the podcast)

  1. As long as Chris breathes, he will try to get money. This regarding him is basically a universal fact. He would have retired a long time ago if this wasn't the case. He seems to be desperate to avoid "ego death", basically wants to survive as long as possible basically past his own lifespan even if able using his work to create a legacy.

  2. Not that I'm complaining about pred busting vids, but it seems like he's sort of become a one-trick pony and the new episodes aren't all that great.

  3. In his heyday, Chris was invited to other shows because of TCAP, referenced multiple times in various media, had books on online child safety written to his name, blogged all night with viewers, etc...

  4. I actually think Hansen is making a solid effort. The problem is the Budget is about $7 and none of these guys will talk anymore. For me the show is basically dead. I’ll still watch it but certainly wouldn’t pay for it.

  5. Yeah, I think after: the affair, getting arrested, getting caught up in scams, and also the fallout from Onision controversy........ the TCAP community is his lifeline. No matter how many viral negative videos about Chris Hansen get released, there still are millions of us out there that enjoy seeing him bust predators.

  6. So, my fiance and I actually enjoyed it. Maybe we are in the minority, but we enjoyed aspects of all of the vignettes, while laughing out loud - REALLY laughing a couple of times - at Glory Hole Jerry and the weird Golf Cart dude. I hate this fact, but it's the reality - TCAP hit at a time that couldn't have been more perfect, and it simply can never be replicated. Even HVP, though outside of the parameters of what made TCAP the institution it was still had some of the feel of TCAP, plus I enjoyed the one on one episodic feel over the constant coming and going of the preds. Is this the closest we can get? I think they can do better, absolutely, but I feel like it's a fun start, and if they tighten things up a bit, they may have something. But it's got to have a little time. TCAP wasn't perfect when it was DANGEROUS WEB. We only really remember Dark Hero from that first one. And TAKEDOWN was LIGHT YEARS better than those other three he did in the motel room (that one with the 18 year old still sticks in my craw). Were there issues? Sure. Hansen's recognizability is a factor. Technically the show is an improvement on the ones he did last time, but still, with all of its improvement, it needs a lot more if it's going to sustain. But that stuff doesn't bother me enough to not enjoy it. And I really think he's trying to make a decent show. Here's the main thing about it, though, maybe the most important - when Glory Hole Jerry tells the officers that there are many more "men like him" around that park, including that weird short dude - Golf Cart whatever - who stalks kids in that area, it brings the real problem of how this is STILL going on everywhere home. Well, NOW, the park is not only aware of these slobs, as well as the other three out there (that one guy? That was stalking that woman? He is legitimately terrifying) but because of the show, the cops will now be aware, too. At the end of the day, the 5 preds in those stings are on the radar of the police, as well as the community. If that saves ONE young boy or girl from one of these monsters, then the show is absolutely worth it. And again, I honestly laughed a few times.

  7. You know getting drunk cheating on your wife and pretty much not thinking and making NBC a look bad is ridiculous. Idiot probably would have had a Pension or something or atleast could have been a staff reporter with steady income. I wonder why Chris just doesn’t go do TV news locally somewhere .. probably because he wants too much money and unless you’ve been in the same TV local market for decades no one knows you. Most news local news stations now want disposable young people they can pay on the cheap as reporters.

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