Since we couldn’t find anyone under the age of 38 to play our on-site decoy, we hired another former United States Marine.

  1. I mean, at this point, there should be some young-looking TCAP fans out there who could play the role of decoy. They would have a lot of knowledge about it, they would know what to say and how to say it (especially with future memes and thus viewership in mind) and they could certainly work for little, considering it a fun or useful thing for society. But no, let's check out the directory of the retired actors association first

  2. It boggles my mind that the first thought in these stings is "mommy and daddy decoy with a DD-214" and not "Asian guy with a cursory knowledge of makeup".

  3. spot on. chris has an entire fuckin' network larger than the goddamn drug cartels & he can choose anyone of us & we'll do this for free. even when it comes to doing his personal YouTube videos. Someone in here knows how to edit & record professionally i am pretty sure about that. someone in here can help him but he just doesn't post an ad asking for such.

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