Favorite members to use in your party? (OG ONLY)

  1. Cid is always in my party no matter what! So happy my favorite character is so useful! Red was my second until I started putting Barret in. These two together have been making battles go by very fast! Especially once I got everyone's final limit break!

  2. You kind of don’t have a choice. There are only a few parts in the game where he’s just not in the party. Actually, maybe only once when he’s not in the party (can’t quite remember)

  3. Cloud, Aerith, and Barret is my main team, at least until Disc Two when I have to swap to Tifa instead of Aerith because… you know.

  4. When I was growing up my team was Cloud Cid Yuffie (which seems very popular despite the fact that people don’t love Yuffie)

  5. I make Vincent do final blows as often as possible so he can do damage overflow with death penalty later. And I make Tifa miss as many limits as possible for her final weapon.

  6. I was meaning to post this very question. Im starting a new playthrough of the game. I'm thinking of rolling with Team AVALANCHE, Cloud Tifa and Barrett. What do you guys think?

  7. Big fan of Yuffie and Red XIII abilities wise. Damage is pretty linear, with bigger numbers in the early game and multiple hits valued in the late game. Yuffie and Red’s limit break sometimes skirt that entirely by providing buffs or healing. Yuffie’s high speed makes her a great character for buffing the rest of the party and for using revives and such. Finally, love busting out Cait Sith every once in a while during a run. His stats are good enough for White Wind and such to justify the inclusion of him as a funny guy.

  8. When I fought Hojo I brought Red XIII and Vincent for personal-vendetta-against-Hojo reasons. I really liked that party for some reason, especially when Vincent did his limit break

  9. Cloud, Tifa and Red/Cait, Cait was a lot better in the original PS1 version tho, in the newer ones using his slot ability is a pain in the ass or well....more like pain in the eyes (disgusting 15fps menus)

  10. Cloud, Tifa and Barret! Until I got Vincent; then he became my MVP and I felt like a gambler with his and Tifa’s limit breaks lmao

  11. "Wait, Nanaki's name is Nanaki?!" I laugh every time, and I'll always prename him correctly anyways lol

  12. Cloud, Tifa and Vincent. Clouds my favorite, Tifas punches and limit breaks are super cool, and vincent is super cool with his flippy gun shit. I also like using the deathblow materia with vincent

  13. I do this, too! I stick to Cloud, Aerith and Barret for general fights, but I swap out for story parts that make the most sense (e.g. take Tifa to watch the Dyne fight because she knows Barret better than anyone, or Gongaga with Aerith and Tifa since they both knew Zack).

  14. I like my long range attacks so I usually end up with Cloud, Barrett, and Yuffie. Their limit breaks all have 13+ hits which is a nice bonus.

  15. Cait Sith is my Number 1, though I've noticed he gets kind of a bad rap online after joining this subreddit. He was my main magic user after the Temple of the Ancients and he did really well. His Slots Limit Break is incredibly broken once you get the timing down for the roulette you want (usually Cait Sith's face). He's just a fun character to use and I like how his ties to the Shinra change as the game progresses, really neat character development that I've heard is important for later games in the FF7 universe.

  16. I only play with the five in the front. Maybe Cid. The actual party would be Red/Cid as a red mage, Tiff/Yuff for physical damage and status magic (plus some emergency cures because she'll have high speed), cloud for physical damage and tank.

  17. I always use Aerith until disc 2, but if I want to master the game, my final patty is usually Cloud, Vjncent, and Yuffie. If I wan to play straight through to the crater, it’s Cloud, Tifa, and Cid

  18. Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie. Yuffie with Conformer equipped doesn’t decrease the damage of Morph attacks, and it’s the only decent way to farm ribbons from Tonberry in the crater/Battle Square. Things are a lot easier with a team full of ribbons. 🎀

  19. Cloud barret and cid, Cid is my fav cause he smokes and likes rockets and space and stuff and my home town is kinda like rocket town, because NASA is there and had huge rockets standing up and one laying down from Apollo 11

  20. my GO TO was always Cid. I liked him. And the 2nd choice I’ve always fluctuated between several characters, but used mostly Yuffie and Tifa

  21. I usually selected party members based on what point in the story the game is at. I know that for small dialogue the characters in your party say different things and I always wanted to have the most interesting stuff then.

  22. Amongst all my hopes for the Remake, I hope they give Tifa more motivation during the second half of the game. I really liked her in the OG until Cloud gets fucked up, and then she's just hanging off of him and saying shit like, "All I care about is Cloud now". Really puts a damper on her character when there's way bigger shit to deal with. Even Barret's like, "Dude, there's gigantic monsters roaming the planet and Sephiroth is flinging a meteor at us, and you're gonna sit there and do nothing...?" Idk, just my two cents, lol

  23. Barret, Cid, Cloud - Beat Emerald and Ruby with this setup recently and my first time doing it. Mime + ungarmax, highwind, omnislash and knights of the round + demi/quad/wmagic combo on emerald. When I played the game my very first time, cloud, tifa and barret.

  24. Cloud Vincent and Red XIII for a ‘experimented on by Shinra’ gang. You also get a nice colour gradient putting them in that order.

  25. Yuffie’s always good.I seem to end up using Red a lot, Aeris when I can, Cid a fair bit, Barret sometimes. Never got on with Tifa, and Cait and Vincent are kind of niche.

  26. My very first trio back in the day was Cloud-Cid-Vincent because I like their characters the most. Over the years my tastes have changed and I’ll have to say Barrett is now a must for each play through and the third can be switched out with almost anyone.

  27. I like to cycle through everyone to keep their levels pretty close (OCD on my part), but aside from Cloud I usually use Tifa, Red XIII, and Vincent the most. Only ones I don't really use often are Cait Sith and Yuffie.

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