The sub is getting divided due to this

  1. I want old bp skins because I am selfish and greedy but those skins are all the ogs have to show for playing much longer than other people. Even though I want them, I understand it would be kinda lame for the people that earned them.

  2. As someone that has all of them I want them to be attainable for everyone else because other people having skins in this game means absolutely nothing to me and doesn’t impact me in anyway whatsoever. This isn’t a collectible card game and they’re not nfts, I doesn’t matter at all what other people have.

  3. I have some fan favorites like the dances and omega from season 4, fully-kitted drift from season 5, deadpool, etc. and I personally don't give a shit. Anyone that needs to flex they're an OG with their skins and not their experience is a clown. I say let everyone have em if they wanna pay and grind. The community is better off without people that only give credit to hyped shit.

  4. Exactly. I want omega. But I didn't play enough in s4 to get him. I started in s2 but didn't get the s2 bp. I don't want these items to come back in the item shop because it defeats the purpose and isn't fair, even if I want them. Epic has already said they're never returning. people need to drop this conversation.

  5. I honestly don’t know how I feel about it I only ever completed the ch 1 season 3 battle pass. But I love using the reaper skin. I honestly think that they should let people complete previous passes they purchase and complete the different skin variants that came with previous passes that have been purchased.

  6. I used to be on the side of “ battle pass exclusivity” but then I took a look at my locker and saw how many skins from past battle passes are just rotting away. plus do I really care if someone who wanted a past battle pass skins like squad leader, had the ability to get it now?

  7. I wonder if there was a way that epic could give a token that you earn somehow so you could purchase 1 old battle pass skin. There must be so many people who missed skins and if it’s only 1 per person it wouldn’t dilute the original battle pass pool.

  8. I had a thought about a concept of an exchange token. Basically it would be an item you can buy in the item shop that allows to exchange a BP item for another one of the same type (skin for a skin, glider for a glider, etc). I know it’s a silly idea if you get down to the specifics, but I just wanted to throw it out there

  9. I don’t care either way. I don’t even use most of my bp skins anyway and I’m sure the same is true for people who don’t want them to be released again.

  10. Eh for me I missed out on some but I want to finish old ones but also the crossovers are mainly why for other people think about it epic makes money and they can give people compensation

  11. yeah, no matter how much we complain. The closest we’ll get is reskins of the worst skins of the battlepasses

  12. Yeah... Sorry about being one of the first. I just namely wanted a way for people to complete characters that were but also some stuff should be updated and I figured that newer players would want outfits like Peely and Drift and such and the idea would fix all that in one fell swoop.

  13. Yeah, I started to play the game on Ch2S6. Due to some issues, I couldn't play it earlier but I wanted to (Better late than never). So I missed a lot of cool skins that I would like to have (specially collab skins, star wars and marvel fan here). I don't know a solution nor have an opinion about how this system should be implemented. What I would like to see is a system that will do justice for both sides (OGs and other players).

  14. Why can’t epic just make different versions of old bp skins so that people who couldn’t get them originally can still play with them but still let people who own them feel special by having the original?

  15. It would suck to just have them return because then if I would have known that I would have never bought the og battle passes

  16. Kinda sad seeing how some people do love the idea and other just balantly hate it despite it being a concept. A..CONCEPT. An Idea, a suggestion, something that someone came up with to improve the game, add somethine new to it. Its not a feature or an update that will come soon.(Unless epic says something regarding this). Just seeing it go all war really shows how people just..can't accept or be civil about other peoples ideas and whatnot.

  17. I don't get the argument personally because they are just skins and half the time they don't even load in the game and we all be looking like defaults.

  18. i dont want them to come back because im a gatekeeping asshole who cares an unreasonable amount about digital pixels

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