Where will all the shares come from?

  1. I think we should be talking about the fact that this is a once in a lifetime chance to get as much money as we want. I have diamond hands so my first share will be sold at 100k to cover my investment cost and to ensure some profit. Next, it’s 1 million. I really hope we can hold to prices over 1 million. This will change the lives of a lot of people. Good luck apes whatever happens

  2. I'm new here and don't really understand, are you saying that this stock could potentially hit a million dollars? As in like one stock of GameStop could make me Rich?

  3. Short answer, they start with the most paper handed people and work their way up to the diamond hands. With the price going up as the hands get stronger....

  4. Assuming that, there will exist more shares than 100% of the float because of naked shorting. The short shares that retail buys did not really exist but are now in the market. So when they sell a share short that didnt exist in the first place, they will still have to buy back that counterfeit share anyway aka shares exceeding the float

  5. There's basically 70m shares in total. But if the stock has been shorted to say 200m shares. There are 130m shares out there that are actually IOU's. They need to buy back 130m shares, it does not matter if they were the real shares or IOU shares. The total number of shares needs to be brought back down to the actual amount of shares.

  6. I think technically they could just buy one share from anyone, returning to A lender, and then buy it from that lender back and return it to them again to cover another debt. I don't think that they need our share specifically just a large number of transactions which could technically all just be one share as back and forth millions of times

  7. As long as at least >100% of float remains in diamond hands, they can forever-trade all they want, they won't get out from under the short squeeze, right? Of course we don't know what percent of the float is in diamond hands. We just guess, based on the amount of heat and noise (still!) being generated to try to turn diamond hands turn into paper.

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