There was also a message in the earnings call no one wants to talk about ...

  1. Which doesn’t make sense. Cause unless you have a faster option to get filthy rich with basically no effort other than holding its not so hard

  2. But now we know how close we are to having the float fully DRS’d. In theory, if we locked up the entire float, and it was still being heavily shorted, wouldn’t RC be inclined to recall shares? I’ve always felt this was the final card to be played.

  3. This is what I’m worried about, I don’t want the newbies to get bored or a YouTuber to get bored because “ItS tAkInG tOo LoNg” and they start selling off. I’m confident in the apes, and the process, but I have a feeling we still have some paperhands.

  4. That is it now, isn't it? A game...Not about immense profits from the evil moass. Just a game where you keep buying and holding for...what? No price target, no timeline. You all are running charities for GS now, right?

  5. I was hoping for the saga to come to an end soon, quit my 60-72 job, pay off family mortgages and debts, do some significant good in the world. Seems I'm have to dig even deeper, keep buying, and ride this wave wherever it goes and however long it takes. Time to put in that WORK

  6. The fact it’s an amazing long term play has always been the main driving force. Without that a squeeze can not happen. True fundamental turnaround and real long term growth is what makes GME such an idiosyncratic risk.

  7. I'm fortunate to be getting a little bonus from work this year. Soon as it settles...I'm buying more. Been in since Jan, I ain't going no where.

  8. My plans are simple. I plan to sell it all during the squeeze, and then when the dust settles, buy back in at the "normal price" and hold for the growth vision.

  9. I have a plan to own perpetually more shares of GME. If I sell 100 at $500/share, I will buy 200 when it goes back to $180 or something like that.

  10. The thing about GME is that it’s a loooooong play, which means people get impatient and sells… everyone needs to buy a few more shares each month and kept them in the vault for as long as it takes.

  11. We are DRS'ing for the long haul. I for one put shares in my name to not sell. One day they will be worth thousands per share which is cool. Maybe when that happens I will have the equivalent of a full time salary off the dividends. I'd like to believe new Apes who came for a quick buck read the DD and realized they can have both.

  12. I think the squeeze is close, but I'm not leaving after I've got my tendies. Regardless of whether I walk away with generational wealth, you can bet I'll be supporting my favourite company for the rest of my life.

  13. This is very wise advice. I sold Apple pre-split. I sold Google at 400. I didn’t buy Tesla at 300 pre-split. My GameStop is locked away under book entry. I want the money but I’m not gonna fuck up four times.😆

  14. I personally have 4.5 years until I retire. So I can wait at least that long, and as we all know the taxing rate changes after it’s been held a year so fuck them I’ll wait.

  15. It's this long play and nice floor that has made this so easy to wait in the first place, at least for me.

  16. I mean we all know for a while now that GME is, regardless of the matter of MOASS, a fabulous long play, we're not in awe in front of RC's and his team's work for no reason, this company is about to make history.

  17. Just a thought, I know everyone wants a short squeeze as myself. But in a bigger picture I also see GME as purchasing any stock that is successful but being able to buy in early knowing the long term value. Thoughts?

  18. I think they know what’s going to happen (we will sell large numbers) and we are seemingly here for the short term. However, I think a lot of us are in it for the long run and that’s what’s he asking…. Don’t just run off after MOASS GameStop will be a BFD for long after.

  19. I think the majority of the comments here are very myopic when considering the gme squeeze. There are factors beyond everyone's control at work in the market right now. The big elephant in the room is the massive bubble that is the latest bull run. This fight will end, and soon in my opinion and it will be Evergrande, tapering, or some unknown that pops it. The syndicate has run its course, it is now the Planet of the Apes.

  20. Not selling. No impatience from my camp. Ill have to work until I die and my kids will have to jump on the same hamster wheel long after im gone if this doesn't work out. Alot of us have nothing to lose. buy and hold

  21. I noticed that as well. Seemed to imply looking for slow growth and not something extreme and fast. Almost as if they don't want to cause a short squeeze. Not that it won't happen, just seems like they're not going to actively cause it

  22. Squeeze is inevitable. AND we all have our hands on the next and current blue chip of our generation. Possibly multiple generations. Buy, hold, DRS. LFG!!!!

  23. But in simpler terms you have to spend money to make money. They’re shifting to faster delivery (i can get something ordered online delivered in like 3 hours), the nft market which I think at its simplest estimate they will be able to collect royalty’s on digitally traded games, and expanded product lines.

  24. I’m convinced that the real FUD all along has been convincing people this is a short term “squeeze” play. The media wants you to think retail can’t hold long term, that they run a stock up and bail. Hell, investors who follow other tickers want you to think that. Many folks I talk to outside of the GME circle constantly think GameStop is down big and losing money and value. Even when it’s trading at $250, $300. It’s perpetual gaslighting. When we know, this isn’t over in an evening. It’ll take some time time so you hold tight.

  25. I said several times this would probably be a "Tesla" type of squeeze. As the business gets better shorts will be forced to gradually close it forcing the stock price going up consistently for a relatively long period of time.

  26. They’ll never close if they don’t have to it needs to be forced one way or the other. We are doing to them what they’ve done to us over the years

  27. I have been in this only for the moass (and reinvesting in GME once the dust settles and there is enough done by USA to ensure such corruption is not repeated). I continue to be.

  28. I somewhat agree, but I'm also genuinely chuckling at the idea that after going through all of this, anyone would say, "meh" and move on. Here's to hoping they get that NFT marketplace rolling sooner rather than later.

  29. They also don't want people to get too distracted by the squeeze to take them as a seriously competing long term business. The squeeze is the squeeze but gamestop is also gamestop, with all its own long term value. That's how I take it anyway.

  30. I'm starting to think about something with both gme and popcorn. I don't think there will be any rush for either company to do anything to move moas along as they realize that everyone is going to sell with no guarantee of a buyback, and plummeting the stock . I would say it's in the best interest of the company to have apes continuously buy shares and help to push the companies forward. Or am I just way off base here?

  31. No way. Papa Cohen knows the apes will get hundreds each with moass money it’s a no brainer, GME n LRC will be apes pension!!!

  32. after squeeze drop will be just a good buying opportunity. I think many many apes will rebuy after the squeeze. I for sure will.

  33. I can't speak for everyone but I think you're pretty far off there. I planned on selling most if not all during MOASS and buying back in after the dust settles. I not only want to ride the rocket, but the train to tendietown too.

  34. I thought it was illegal for a company to specifically take actions to creat a short squeeze on their stock, something about price manipulation. Wasn't Overstock sued for their crypto dividend because the short sellers said it had no business purpose and was only designed to cause a short squeeze? While ultimately, it was ruled in overstocks favor because they could prove a business purpose and were able to assign a dollar value that short sellers could pay instead.

  35. This is absolutely correct, HOWEVER: if GameStop is in the crypto business then they have a perfectly good defense to the accusation that they have no business distributing a crypto dividend. You see where this is headed now?

  36. “Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.” ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭10:36‬ ‭NLT‬‬

  37. Yeah, this has turned into a long-term play now. It took me a few months to come to grips with not retiring this year and traveling the world, but it is what it is. SS can stay in denial if that's what they need to not paperhand.

  38. BTW don’t naively think this one will hit $30,000,000 or $60,000,000. If you expect this, well, you will dream whole your life! Guaranteed.

  39. What's an empty moass? When did you "join this movement"? Many of the originals, like me, are in it for the squeeze. You want GME to be a long term play?

  40. Why would anyone ever sell all of their shares? I literally cannot comprehend it. This is the best value play out there as well as the best growth play. Also there is probably a higher percentage of shares in retails hands than with any other company, definitely more than most. And if Apes keep a large percentage DRS’ed it means you vote those shares directly through GameStop and not through brokers so your vote is actually counted. We will be able to out vote the brokers on company issues which is a first. Matt Furlong and GameStop want and need us as we need them. They want to be able to make our dreams come true now and post squeeze(if there is such a thing) and with our help they will do just that. Imagine a monster growth tech value company owned by retail, catering to retail, and rewarding retail. I fully believe in the squeeze but this is an extremely solid play whether it happens(it will) or not. The CAGR of the egames/video game industry is crazy with events drawing more viewers than Super Bowls. When GameStop revolutionizes they industry by making digital games able to be resold on their platform and/or issuing a crypto token either as a dividend or just to be used on the marketplace they will reap the benefits of both the crazy fast industry they operate within and their own visionary inventions. I doubt the growth rate will decrease any time soon more likely to increase. GameStop will capitalize on these trends taking market share in the same way Chewy has done. My favorite hodling period for GME stock is forever and I hope to see you apes by my side. Let’s not give a controlled voting interest back to the people that we despise, the people who created this Ponzi scheme of a stock market. Ape owned company=bullish AF. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌙

  41. Imagine RC providing the DRS numbers at 1M increments. Each 1M increase in locked up float, a new press release. It will be a good encouragement for the apes.

  42. My children are only 0 and 2 years old but when they cone of age I will see it so that they continue to hold my gme shares after I’m gone. If it comes to that.

  43. I'm 30. My xx shares are Drs. And they are getting sold when worth more than 10mil each or when I turn 65. Which ever comes first.

  44. I get scared about people losing interest over time but I feel that my shares will see the peak. Wherever that is.

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