The pink cat, the witch and the runic glory

  1. If you’d like to see the effects of DRS, look at Dillards stock price over the last two years. They have over 70% of their stock DRS’d. Went from $20/share to now over 300/share.

  2. The only real downside of DRS is how much physical mail Computershare is sending. I can't imagine how expensive it is to mail all this stuff to me in Europe.

  3. I saw that too, it’s the very most moronic thing I’ve ever heard. I’m pretty sure if any governing body wants your address, they will find it fairly easily whether you use CS or not! Unless she lives in a cave somewhere 🙄

  4. I still remember sitting in the garden chair reading every bit of what's happening. Exciting times but being zen is also nice.

  5. What's that tweet even about? I can decide for myself if I want to DRS, which I did, without having Pink babysit me.

  6. Imagine if every time we complained about market fuckery and the dire need for transparency, Gary Gensler just plugged his ears and started yelling DRAMA!!

  7. Really? You haven't seen Pink's name in awhile? The person who started this sub? This sub, that you are commenting in whose main moderator is Pink? Bruh, do you even Jungle?

  8. Seriously! Both have accomplished great things for this community, didn't get along and split ways. Yeah, that's how stuff works, so what?

  9. Pink, I’m grateful to you for your dedication and transparency. I was a lurker in the GME sub, Superstonk, I am. For those of us who have followed this saga, 1.5 years for me, thank you for everything💐🖖🚀❤️💎🙌🏻🦍

  10. I would like to clarify that this post refers to the tweet outlined in red and is no way an attack on pink.

  11. I'm OOTL on the "outcome of #DRS". What is the she referring to? Is she claiming the DRS numbers should be larger? Or is she upset that people are DRSing their shares?

  12. At last year's annual shareholder meeting, Pink wasn't allowed inside because the staff said she wasn't a real shareholder. Looking deeper into who is considered a real shareholder, she discovered DRS. When she tried to make Superstonk aware of DRS, Rensole and RedChessQueen (the top 2 mods and creators of Superstonk) started a smear campaign to try and silence her. After a few days of confusion (during which GMEjungle was formed), their plan backfired, they were both outed as shills, and DRS was made public knowledge.

  13. I’ve been seeing a lot of anti DRS BS on Twitter this week with old Runic Glory herself loudly spouting such rubbish. Honestly her arguments against are nonsensical. There seems to be a huge anti-DRS FUD on Twitter, since they know they won’t get anywhere with that in the Reddit subs.

  14. What the hell pink! Why did you make me drs my 77 rockets to myranus! Now my asshole is wider than the black hole that sits in the middle of the milky way! SMH my head. Also keep up the good work and I can try and activate more wallets send me your addresses apes and how much is the activation fee.

  15. How bout they all stop pretending they understand anything about the financial markets and leading less informed people to make worse decisions.

  16. Lol, I have never seen Pink say that DRS was 100% guaranteed to work. There has been a ton of open discussion about pros and cons of DRS starting way back in Aug 2021 here in the Jungle.

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