Youtube channel linked to Computer Share DRSing GME = infinite additions to infinity pool?

  1. Yeah...that's a no from me dawg. A for effort, but that would be self monetization and that's one of the core rules in the jungle.

  2. Ceasar is not content creator, and as far as self monetization goes, did you read the post? Ceasar suggest that all monetization go directly to DRSing GME.

  3. Perhaps for content creators a nod of recognition and redirection towards their other works could be considered, but anyone contributing towards this effort, their efforts would be exclusively directed towards the infinity pool.

  4. There's no reason for us to pool our funds, we are doing great as a decentralized unit. If someone wants to make a YouTube channel, sure, go for it, but don't expect money just for being associated with GME investing.

  5. Not asking for direct funds, asking for the potentiality of "click" funds, or "view" funds however it works with the YouTubes. Looking for a way for apes to contribute without spending any of there hard earned dimes my friend.

  6. regardless of motives, this would be a monitored yt channel. you want to do that, that's your business. if you want to do that, as income, there's nothing stopping you.

  7. Ceasar is not suggesting that he start his own channel, Ceasar suggest that we start a channel and direct all funds gained directly to DRSing GME shares. Ceasar not understand what apes are missing here. Ceasar not explain his idea thoroughly enough?

  8. Ceasar was thinking that it would be best if no one owns it. But maybe if legal contracts were to be possible regarding the things and if it reached extraordinary heights, Ceasar would like to see funds go towards spider-like robots to build future cities in a world that we can't live without future cities because we fucked the environment up to much that we can't live in other such measures. But what Ceasar know? Ceasar is dumb ape.

  9. More dumb ape thoughts, could we form an organization, religion, non-profit or whatever to make this idea a binding agreement? Lawyer apes any advice on the matter? If we could have trust then this thing could be a thing that would be, well an awesome thing.

  10. Also, it doesn't necessarily need to be something for YouTube, it could be for any social media platform. Ceasar think that YouTube is good place to start but, not think that that the only place. The whole thing to consider is that we need to have trusted apes to manage the things we need to see revenue reports that match purple rings.

  11. It feels like the bulk of apes commenting are not reading the post, Ceasar try to explain what he means but it all seems to fall short on some sort of assumption that Ceasar is trying to make his own social media campaign, which Ceasar not want and never said he want. Social Media is bantha poo doo as far as Ceasar is concerned, but some apes love that shit and there be moneys in that shit, so why not direct those moneys to the infinity pool? Ceasar not understand why there is opposition to this thought, unless the campaign against is headed by short hedge fund enthusiasts, in which case, this is probably a very scary idea.

  12. Bro...everyone who.commented read your post and explained pretty fucking clearly why your idea won't be endorsed here and is a bad idea in general. You don't don't listen and keep saying the people responding don't understand.

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