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  1. For anyone that doesn't know, Ruby is a true OG ape. He's been around since the beginning before the first migration, and has never shied away from calling bullshit when he sees it (and is somehow pretty much always right). The Jungle would not be what it is without him.

  2. fight. you're stronger than you think. my wife is part of an experiment phase 3 clinics trial for her tumor and so far it's very promising. ape no fight ape, but ape can fight

  3. I know it’s not much but I’ll pray for you! If your family needs help with the medical bills or whatever pls set up a gfm or gsg… we’re all strapped right now bc of inflation and life bs but I’m sure a bunch of us could kick in a few dollars to help out an ape family. Take care of yourself ❤️ And if we could have MOASS Tuesday that’d be good! Fukc cancer! You’re a diamond handed ape, you’ve got fight in you so focus your energy on yourself bc well hodl down the fort here❤️

  4. This. Op, as a healthcare ape who works on a unit that only sees terminal cases, very very few people come through the unit bearing a lymphoma diagnosis. The odds are in your favour.

  5. You fought what... a year plus to fight against this deeply corrupt system? Lymphoma doesn't stand a chance. See you when the battlegrounds are clear

  6. Oh Fuk. Sorry to hear it Ruby. Hang in there buddy. We'd have this shit beat by now if it wasn't for those shitty Hedge fuks destroying good medical research companies.

  7. The taking down of medical research companies, really ,really pissed me off. I lost my father to cancer and to know he might still be alive if they hadn't killed these companies, is so inconceivable.

  8. I hope you have a beneficiary on your shares. :c Also, Im sorry to hear Ape. When Moass happens ill make a mini viking boat and have a funeral for those who held but couldn’t see and experience our victory. God bless you.

  9. Hey don't give up! Cancer treatment has gone a long way and lymphoma is treatable! You can do this! Leave the subs that dont serve you at this time, leave the internet if it helps you get better but don't give up and flip that attitude about your condition. You will need medication and it may cost you a good bit but it's totally something you can live a long life while managing. Best of luck OP!

  10. Had a friend from high school who got this while in college. She beat it all while being in Vet school. You can do it, don’t give up on yourself. We won’t

  11. I have no idea of thats a death sentence or not… either way it sucks! I hope you get well, but if you don’t I hope you make the best of the time you have left 💜

  12. Hey brother/sister/ape, it's me again. So I just found out about this, it may help you with the cost of medication. I just shared it with my mom since she has chronic myloid leukemia and her yearly out of pocket is 6k while the medication is 3k per month. This website has a generic alternative for $15/mo! Which would leave her with out of pocket blood tests every few months. I'll still have to help her look at the numbers to see which route is most cost effective and ofcourse she will determine whether the different brand of medication works for her but it certainly a good first look.

  13. this is one proof-or-ban stonk bet I hope to see you lose so you have to show up back here in the jungle saying "sorry, i beat the cancer so i'm still around".

  14. It's fine to rest. No one can go maximum effort forever. Set your broker alerts for price action, disconnect from social media and the internet in general, rest and get better. You don't have hordes of monsters to fight. You have 1 monster to fight right now, and that's cancer.

  15. Gamer I know was diagnosed with advanced Stage 3 Colorectal cancer in December of 2019, had surgery in January of ‘20 then six(6) different chemotherapy treatments every other week for 8 months right in the beginning of COVID! It beat the sh*t out of him but he’s still gaming and trying to be an XXX ape! Stay strong! What’s your LRC address?

  16. had this experience, just take this seriuosly, do what doctors say and you will be okay. Good luck

  17. Keep fighting Ape. I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma stage 3b in March of 2014, 5 surgeries and a year on interferon and I am still here hodl'ing on. You can do this! And you don't have to do it alone. You have one of the best support groups you could find. Just last month, a small study for colon cancer had 100% of participants in remission.

  18. Much love Rubyheart! Diamond hands from this life to the next. Hodl 👊🏻💎❤️🔥🔥🥃🥃🥃 journey well friend. ApeStrong 🦍

  19. Godmother found out she had hodgkins lymphoma. A year and a half later she's in remission. Been a sucky and frightening time but it often responds really well to chemo. Don't lose hope and keep on fighting!

  20. You underestimate your power. Live in happiness and your body will be happy. Obviously easier said than done. Know giving you my love and belief in you.♥️

  21. I’m so sorry to hear that, please try and keep fighting to make it through - we’ve got things covered for you here.

  22. Keep your head up brother. Fight your fight look in to real nutrition. Spend time with your loved ones. Spend your time how you would really want. Give it 💯

  23. This will probably get lost in the amount of messages you receive but just so you know. Keep fighting now matter the costs, for yourself, your family and friends, people you met, and have yet to meet! This journey is no small feat but one that will take a lot of courage and determination, belief in yourself and things out of your control.

  24. Take your time to spend with loved ones and let us fight this fight for you so you can focus on your own fight. I will hold for you. I will stand up against corruption for you. You are loved

  25. Stay strong Ruby. Kick cancer’s ass, mentally and physically. I believe in you. Don’t let this cruel world drag you down and try to focus on what you can control and those around you. We are all holding this sword with you, just know that. You are not in this alone. 💜

  26. Jesús is preparing a place for you. That said, he has the power to heal. Whatever your path, He is there with you. Believe in Him and you will be with Him for eternity.

  27. Oh shit Ruby, sending you positive thoughts. Know you have a support group here if you need it. Hope you're given days of peace between the fighting.

  28. So sorry💔you got this diagnosis, Ruby. I'm sure it has your head spinning and you need some time to figure out next steps.

  29. Ruby, you can do this. It's easier than you think. Brain cancer, surgery, radiation, and chemo survivor. The thing that got me through it all was a good attitude and God. I'm sorry you have to face this. At some point, this will be a story. Your attitude is going to determine how this story goes. Be positive and rest hard. stay focused on the NEXT step. It's always the most important. Stay on task and take that next step.....then another. You got it.

  30. You can do it, don't give up and live to see this through to the end. You have nothing to lose if you give up, but everything to gain if you fight even though shit is hard.

  31. Ruby we are here for you! You don’t have to fight this alone. You have an army of apes by your side. I wish you all the best and hope you’ll keep us updated.

  32. good luck Ruby.HL is the discrimatory disease of the young and the old. hopefully you are part of the 90%. "Survival >90% in low-risk patients."please don't go through alone. support groups

  33. Sending love and healing vibes your way. APEs strilong together. We HODL for each other and will HODL that sword. Your mind is the most powerful thing in existence. You can do this! Stay positive APE!

  34. OP might want to look into gerson therapy (using a non-google search engine) and not get discouraged, its definitely worth a shot I've read about many people healing from a diverse range of cancers and other conditions using the protocol

  35. Anytime you need a break from the fight, we’ll be here for you. You’ve got a worldwide ape fam ready to stand with you and for you. Just know that it’s ok to focus 💯 on getting well and we will always be here anytime you need a boost. Much love, prayers and good vibes. 💕

  36. Just make sure to give a family member the log in so they don't sell those shares for no login after a year. Also you're gonna make it !

  37. Godspeed and I wish you all the best. Your are stronger than you know and you can fight this. Please take care and be kind to yourself.

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