1. All your comments in this thread are reported for harassment, including the post itself. Someone sure wishes we'd forget runic glory!!

  2. This reminds us that people who mod these subs are human and can make mistakes that cloud their judgement. I never have believed wild conspiracy theories that they were paid for or planted by hedge funds. I think they were just people working for themselves trying to make money by influencing decision making on Reddit before we knew that DRS’s would be the most impactful action we could take.

  3. I have always offered forgiveness and hugs but while RCQ apologized to the community and Pink in private conversations (E:on her own sub) they never made any post or public apology to the community or Pink (E:on the main subs). She then made public attacks afterwards and I no longer believed it was a bad day or isolated incident. Also evidence from before the Runic Glory incident shows RCQ had plans and was always willing to destroy the Reddit community if it wasn't going their way.

  4. Man that just brought on a huge wave of nostalgia. I remember waking up and literally wondering what in the fresh hell was going on. I’ll never forget just laying in bed all day while my girlfriend (now wife) at the time was wondering why I was so intensely scrolling through Reddit all day long. That was definitely the craziest turn in this whole saga for me and was also notable for me because it was around this time I decided to gtfo of RH.

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