What is your favourite song (not sung by the cast) used in the himym soundtrack?

  1. I also follow a HIMYM Spotify playlist. Simple Song and Our House are mg favorite music scenes. Also when we see robin’s side of the story in “Nothing Good Happens After 2AM” I like the song that plays.

  2. “Forest Whitaker” by Bad Books (it plays at the end of Bass Player Wanted after Ted punches Darren). I got way into the band years later and couldn’t believe my ears the last time I caught this episode. Weirdly, some of the lyrics fit the show almost too well, about starting a band that was cool for a while but turned pretty bland, or moving to Japan (Robin). Great song.

  3. Yeah if we’re talking best song on its own, idk if I’d say Shake It Out but its use in the show is incredible and has stuck with me ever since I saw it

  4. Came here to say this. Perfect freaking song for that happily ever after montage. This song beautifully accents both the joy and mundanity that accompanies suburban life.

  5. This Modern Love by Bloc Party when Ted finally succeeds with Robin and is flying high and comes home to find Marshall has been wrecked by Lily.

  6. It’s been my favorite Bloc Party song since it came out. And I always get some chills when I see that episode. It’s fantastic.

  7. The Funeral and I Wanna Be Your Dog (the song that plays as soon as Ted finds out that all of Robin’s dogs are gifts from her exes)

  8. The Ballad of sir Frankie Crisp by George Harrison Used in the scene where Ted and Matshall are sitting on a bench outside of the church at Barney's wedding This I think is the best song abd it fits the scene really well too

  9. Ummmmm I’ve seen this show 20 times at least. 2x just on this maternity leave alone. And I never knew there was an alternate ending. Is it just what I’m seeing on YouTube? Do I watch it somewhere official? I don’t wanna start on YouTube only to have something ruined. How do I watch this?! And how did I not know about it?

  10. I'm pretty disappointed that I had to scroll so far down to find it. Regardless of your feelings about the way the show ended, that song is fantastic and was a perfect song for the end credits of the show's finale.

  11. I really like The Painter by I’m from Barcelona, but I can’t remember what scene it was used in. Maybe The Leap when they jumped balconies?

  12. Rewind by Goldspot, Simple Song by the Shins, Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear, Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding and Heaven by the Walkmen.

  13. Ahhhh. This is a tough one for me because I discovered so many many many beautiful songs. Upon rewatching the series this past couple months, I was surprised to find out that some of my favourite songs were from the series. But the most recent song I discovered is

  14. I don’t know if they’re on the soundtrack but I discovered Souvenir by Billy Joel and Long As I Can See The Light by CCR through this show and I love both of those songs. I love both artists but was born after they stopped releasing albums so if it wasn’t on the radio I didn’t know it. These are now two of my favorite songs by both artists.

  15. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie - plays at the end of the season 1 episode The Wedding when Ted first sees Victoria. Just a perfect song for the moment.

  16. Yeah! It seems like the show was really good at finding songs that even the lyrics match up to the situations well

  17. "Oxford comma" by vampire weekend when Ted starts his job as a professor, "Campus" by the same band might have made more sense though

  18. The Funeral is definitely my favorite. That song made that scene absolutely beautiful. I still get chills from how perfectly that song fits with that scene.

  19. I loved "boys dont cry" sung by Grant-Lee Phillips. I allready knew the original by the cure when I first heared it on Himym and still really like it but I also love this slower mpre sad version that they used.

  20. It's a quick inclusion, but I loved the club remix of "Shine a Little Love" that played in season one when Marshall is holding the dance floor in Okay Awesome.

  21. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie. I discovered this band thanks to HIMYM and now it is my favorite band. I think it appears in Season 1 or Season 2.

  22. I can’t believe nobody has said Spit on a Stranger by Pavement, it’s the original song in the intro and a really pretty cover at the end when Victoria leaves a 2nd time. I love the song and the usage

  23. Stones - Barbarossa, playing when Barney tries to meet Nora and her parents at the Popover Pantry, but loses his courage and leaves.

  24. Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine when Robin moves out in Season 7 - sad but extremely good song

  25. Sea Green, See Blue - Jaymay! It plays at the end of season 2 when Ted meets up with Barney after he tells them him and Robin broke up. Loved that song for years and one of the first songs I learnt on guitar.

  26. "Oxford Comma" , always loved that scene Also "our house" , and anything by "the 88", and "nice dream" also was a very beautiful scene

  27. when ted and victoria meet and they have their dance at the wedding ted puts the radio on and you don’t know me by michael bublé plays, I absolutely fell in love with that song!

  28. Heavy hours by crooked fingers (after Varney breaks up with norah and then funds out Robin didn't break up with Kevin).

  29. "You were born" played during Marvin's birth is the best song in the whole series and you cant change that.

  30. I always thought that ‘parallel or together’ by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists was a great song used too in season 1

  31. Nice dream, forest Whitaker, inside of love, two weeks and this modern love are great songs.

  32. "Mother of Pearl" by Roxy Music is my favorite, but I give them a lot of credit for using Death's "Freakin Out". One of the more obscure picks but a great song from a short-lived band.

  33. Simple Song by The Shins & This Modern Love by Bloc Party has already been mentioned a lot (which I love), but I'd like to say Rewind by Goldspot. It's from that episode where Ted dates someone he already dated years prior. It just suits the episode perfectly.

  34. The ending song Heaven by The Walkmen is definitely my favorite. Paired with the nostalgia of those clips from the earlier seasons made me cry a lil bit. “Remember, remember!” 🥺

  35. The slow rendition of Cheaptrick’s “Voices”. Always heartbreaking to see that scene. Could never find that song online.

  36. Lifesize by A Fine Frenzy. It played during the last scene in the last episode of season 5, where Lily and Marshall decide to start trying to get pregnant.

  37. Soul meets body - death cab for cutie Hey- Pixies Burning for you - Blue Öyster Cult Better - Regina Spektor I really like the use of Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by Crash Test Dummies at Robins surprise rehearsal dinner 😍

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