Cannot do 'I Find This Amoosing' Assassination challenge in Dartmoor

  1. Tried to do this. Didn’t work. Ended up shooting everyone out of rage and every damn chandelier in the mansion.

  2. As of today, I still cannot get this challenge done no matter what Chandelier I drop on Alexa. Heck, the only thing left for me to try is to drop the chandelier in my house over my Amazon Echo

  3. I've tried evey moose antler chandelier in the mansion. Won't unlock. Just another hitman challenge glitch that will take 3 years for them to fix. There was a story in Marrakesh that wouldn't register. It took them forever to fix it.

  4. I'm glad they're acknowledging it but I won't hold my breath they fix it soon. I just recently got the game on Steam and other than SASO that's the only challenge I have left for Dartmoor. I found this post when I tried to get this challenge but it wouldn't pop even though I dropped the blasted chandelier right on her head.

  5. She talks with Yates in the library exactly under such chandelier. Just shoot it when Alexa is there.

  6. Hmm if I remember correctly I got it from dropping one on her in the hallway outside of her office? I stood on the ledge outside the window and shot in as she walked under one.

  7. I tried this challenge multiple times after following the Private Investigator mission story. The only way it worked was when I blamed Emma for Zachary’s death. After she came back inside i dropped the chandelier in the office from the top floor.

  8. Same thing here, I've bought H3 on Steam and now try to do all challenges in the mission. After numerous attempts I googled the challenge name and ended up in this thread.

  9. I did the same thing and got to this thread just now and it's still not working. I am a completionist and I can not let this stand! Especially when I keep having to replay season 1 because I want to get that sweet 100% career lolol

  10. No, I only need to do that challenge only, I have tried multiple video walkthroughs from yt as well, still not able to get it.

  11. You have to kill her with a specific chandelier, the one made of moose antlers (hence the name of the challenge) in the foyer, not just any chandelier.

  12. If by that ,you mean the one in her office where her secret room is and there are big stairs on left side, I've tried that one as well. nice username btw :)

  13. You should be able to complete this challenge now. They released an update yesterday, so I downloaded it and dropped a chandelier on Alexa’s head, and the challenge popped immediately without any (further) trouble.

  14. Same I've tried hard and 8t hasn't worked maybe the challenge isn't working bc it isn't working for me or you maybe its a bug or glitch or sum

  15. naah, i tried everything suggested here and on the internet as well as some random scenarios from my side. I got tired and didn't do that.

  16. Anything on this yet? I reported it to IOI because I have the same issue and they basically said it might get fixed but we don’t know when

  17. I'm still having the same issue. Tried again this morning but no luck. I accused Mr. Fernsby and waited for Alexa to return to the center of her office before dropping the moosedelier on her.

  18. I had the challenge pop as complete used chandelier in her office on top floor - finished the mission and nothing… says I didn’t complete at mission recap

  19. Same issue on PS5. Still can't unlock it no matter what I do. It's the only challenge I have left on that level too.

  20. I just wanted to add I had this same issue and just tried it again by knocking her out in her office upstairs, killing all the guards, and dropping the moose chandelier on her and I got the achievement. I’d tried that same thing before and it wouldn’t trigger, so maybe they finally fixed it.

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