Can someone give me a quick review of Hitman Goty? Also, what all does it include, and is it worth it for 15$?

  1. If you're gonna play HITMAN (2016) it's better to play it inside HITMAN 3 (can use H3 free starter pack) with all the improvements (you can either buy the game and import locations to H3 or get Access Pass directly for H3). You also get the upgrade to GOTY content for free for H1 locations in H3 including bonus episodes that are missing in HITMAN (2016). GOTY content includes Patient Zero campaign and some suits. In H3 you also get bonus episodes that in H1 require DLC code that was added to some physical disc editions and it's no longer possible to buy it digitally (at least on PS).

  2. I wanted to say this but then for Hitman 2, I have the H2 with H1 included. But the above suggestion is even better.

  3. Thanks for the advice, but hitman 3 is triple the price of 1, and since this is gonna be my first hitman game, I'm kinda unsure for that

  4. Fantastic stealth simulation game with incredible amount of replayability. Beautiful sandbox environments that can be manipulated in fun and creative ways. One of my favourite games from the past 5 years.

  5. Ok...and how long is the goty edition, everything included? I know it's heavily replayable, so I'm just asking the length for one average playthrough through everything in this edition

  6. Play 3 ignore 1 and 2. 3 let's you play the levels from all 3 (with pack purchase) but updates graphics and mechanics and better to have then all in one place

  7. Worth it, the Kugermeister 2-2 from Bangkok and the Clown outfit was worth it but on top of those you get 6 new maps with nigh-infinite replay ability, the Patient zero missions are also very fun to do, worth the 15$

  8. I personally think the game itself when it was released was underwhelming, but for that price on sale it is a bargain.

  9. Like many others have been saying, just get Hitman 3. The game you are asking about is the original Hitman 1 that was released back in 2016, and there have been 2 more game released in the “World of Assassination” trilogy since then.

  10. Ima get straight to the point: for $15, this game is definitely worth it. Its better than hitman 2 (not as good as 3 though but still great). Maps are really well designed and targets are perfectly positioned. Side content is very abundant and not repetitive at all. And with the GOTY Edition u get 4 new missions in reskins of hitman 1 maps which are also really really good, and again, not repetitive. You also get cool cosmetics if you care for that stuff. Its even better if you have Hitman 3 because you get the better graphics and the briefcase too. Overall, 100% recommend if you want a hitman game, especially for $15 (I’d even still recommend it at full price)

  11. About a year ago I got Hitman 1 for free through Epic, and 12 months later I own all 3 plus the expansions. I got 2 for cheap through a Steam sale, bought 3 at launch and recently got the 7 Deadly Sins for 50% at Epic sale.

  12. One of my all-time favourite games, but I recommend playing it through HITMAN 3 as others have mentioned.

  13. At least on PS4, I noticed H1 was much more stuttery and ran worse than the H1 levels in H2 or 3, if you can I'd recommend buying 2 or 3 instead bc they both come with 1 as well.

  14. Maybe I’m late but I’ll tell you anyway. 15 dollars for H1 GOTY is a great price since it includes 6 maps, escalations, bonus missions and some outfits too. I’d recommend playing it in H3 to get a better experience ( you can get the H3 free starter pack if you don’t have it ). What I dad was buying H1 GOTY as a standalone game and then I imported the locations in hitman 3( I did this because there are a few mission only available in H1 as a standalone) and I think you should do the same. If you need more help just tell me( also tell me what platform you are playing on.

  15. oh this one just contains a bit of the the first season ( six episodes by the way) as well as bonus content including up bonus camping called patient zero ( which uses 4 Maps and focus around the man-made virus that was good about to destroy the world) also there is stand-alone bonus episodes ( 2 in Sapienza + 1 in Marrakesh)

  16. Honestly it’s kind of a crime that Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 are still purchasable. They should just rename Hitman 3 as World of Assassination and include all the missions of 1 and 2.

  17. Honestly, I purchased the game on my Xbox one awhile ago and recently on Steam like a year or two ago for $15. It is now one of my favorite games and so the replay factor is very immersive along with master level and accomplishments you can receive, which correlates to the road to 100% completion that you can do. Big recommendation from me!

  18. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BUY THIS. In the newer hitman 3 game you can purchase some dlc to unlock everything in the first and second games inside of hitman 3 with better, well everything.

  19. They’ve made buying dlcs sooo confusing bruh. I have Hitman 3 on XSX and 2 on steam. Just want to play hitman 1 now but the GOTY BS is making it too confusing. Also want to spend the least amount of money and the prices are obviously different on pc and Xbox. Tf do I do?

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