I think some of the eliminations in the Hitman trilogy should be more bloody. At the same time, I think it would be good if the bodyguards saw bloody traces of elimination and explored the area based on that.

  1. Sort of. If you eliminated a NPC via bloody means, the game wouldn’t let you wear their clothes since the blood ruins the disguise.

  2. Yeah but at least thet should look around when they see a blood puddle in the ground instead of seeing it and being like "ah nothing out of the ordinary. Im not gonna worry about the random blood in the middle of my high security base"

  3. I think it was a thing in the beta of H1, but not on final release. They removed it due to the fact that, since blood puddles couldn’t be cleaned or otherwise removed from the map, NPCs kept noticing it and got stuck in a loop of constantly notifying guards/guards investigating the area.

  4. Maybe we can expect more vigilant guards in freelancer. Ioi stated, that your actions will have greater consequences

  5. I think taking a page from Yandere Simulator's book and make certain assassination techniques leave blood trails behind for NPCs/guards to react to would be interesting

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