Another sniper to add to my collection

  1. I hate that I have multiple versions of the same gun in my inventory. Skins make no sense in hitman. They're just clutter.

  2. This reskin is nice for people who don't have the GOTY Access Pass or the Deluxe Pack, as it lets them get a version of one of the two best sniper rifles in the game.

  3. You only need one or two, but if you like me do 100% on all three games than you get a ton of them. But even though the others may not be the best, I still like to play with them. For example the ica woodsman is my favourite sniper because of its beautiful design

  4. I agree, but I would assume not too many ideas left for a useful items. At least one that wouldn’t be too OP or require a lot of development if it’s a new mechanic.

  5. If you close down the app/game as soon as you mess up - instead of pressing ‘exit to menu’ you can play it again without waiting.

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