This confrontation still gives me chills. Anyone else wish there were more?

  1. He blamed his girlfriend's death on being drunk, but that's only a byproduct. The reality is more that he's extremely impulsive and no one ever stops him from acting on those anger impulses.

  2. This hit on Jordan Cross made me despise him more. A pathetic rich boy who hides behind his wealthy father whenever things get tough. He needed to take responsibility but on all outcomes he hides from what he did. I have never felt bad about killing Cross or Morgan, although the hotel could have done without the bad publicity.

  3. I didn’t know what subreddit this was when I scrolled down and after just coming from a marvel subreddit all I saw was Wilson Fisk..

  4. Carefully. Need to sneak across the rooftop between the two sides of the hotel and then do a bunch more sneaking around once you're on the side the band is destroying.

  5. There's a balcony on the floor where band members are getting drunk/high near a hookah pipe, there's a drain pipe that leads to the top floor.

  6. Watching Cold Case right now. This gives me vibes of that show. Agent 47 really is a strong detective.

  7. I did this mission the first time on my SASO run of this map. It felt fucking awesome climbing up the hotel only barely just being seen, and confronting this fucker face to face, suit and all.

  8. I remember this post from like two hours ago, only had like 4 up votes, they grow up so fast, but yes I do be likin those

  9. Did you add that sound yourself? Because I remember finding this scene without it before. If you did, that’s kind of a really cheesy attempt at manipulating others to find the scene “chilly” too.

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