Had to pick her up and take her home because the kids at the park nearby were playing with her. But I haven't named her yet though 🤔 can you guys suggest names?

  1. My orange female was saved from kids too! The person who saved her, named her Bentley. I fostered her until she was well enough to be adopted by the rescuer. Then she changed her mind, which made me so happy because I had really bonded with her. But I ended up keeping the name since I had been calling her that for her prospective owner.

  2. I honestly think this should be like a metal detector for future criminals. No one taught me not to harm animals I just didn’t and my daughter just loves animals since she was a tiny infant.

  3. Annie, are you OK? Are you OK, are you OK.? Are you OK Annie? You've been picked up by, you've been rescued by a smol criminal.

  4. Yessssss and make her wear a collar with a bell, partly because its VERY CUTE but also because you would know the cat is still in the house, she's so smol

  5. You know how big animals get little names like Tiny? I think this little one needs a big name like Tank or Dozer. Those are more male names. Maybe… Empress? Madam President? Judge Judy? Her majesty? Your highness? Queen?

  6. Haha! Nice! I came here to say this, but thought I’d check to see if anyone else had first!! Great minds think alike! (Or Fools seldom differ) whichever you prefer…

  7. Wait wait.. let me get my glasses coz I can’t see that cutest fluffy orange ball without them… Someone is little too small ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Pick her up and cuddle her! That pic of her in the middle of the huge space makes her look so vulnerable and tiny....breaks my heart.

  9. ITT: OP stole someone’s kitten and is seeking names from someone to give her a new name because they don’t know their real one.

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