What do you suggest I do with it? 21 by 21 chunks for reference

  1. Fill the whole thing with water, then have your own stupidly deep lake to satisfy all of your thalassophobia needs.

  2. I am making one in my hardcore world rn and am using it as my industrial district or a clean place for pretty much all my farms that don’t need to be at a certain location such as guardian farm.

  3. Why do people do this stuff with no plan? These posts are here all the time and I don't get it. Some type of humble brag attempt for digging for hours/days?

  4. Well you see you either intentionally or unintentionally made the size the same as the size of chunks a player will load if standing in the middle of it…. I say make an industrial district and get farms running to make impressive builds later

  5. PLEEAASE straighten out the edges and then do the water trick where you put source blocks on 2 of the four sides

  6. Build a machine to dig out all the bedrock. Build a sky island in the middle. Turn your render distance down low and start a Skyblock survival series.

  7. Is this Java? If yes, how'd you get your f3 to look like that? I've been looking for a way to declutter my f3 screen, it's a bit to much all at once!

  8. Build mob farms as far down as possible with the afk spot being afk spots for more farms. It should be a trading hall. You could also have a raid farm but that might be difficult with the trading hall thier. still possible however. Finally surrounding you would he tree farms bone meal farms block farms ( cobble and basalt) and also sugar cane etc. Top it off with an iron farm and you have an op industrial sector. (I'm working on one like that in my world.)

  9. didn't really collect anything other than diamonds cause in the end you get so frustrated of a machine breaks that you stop caring about that at all

  10. Remove all the bedrock create “THE PIT” and possibly have a floating island I. The center attached to chains on the four corners of the square

  11. Yeah I know the feeling, I'm digging my 2nd perimeter (circle shape, 21 chunks also) but I already have a mob farm so I dunno what put in either x)

  12. Make a whole dungeon all the way down with multiple levels some with traps some monsters

  13. If it was me I would just fill it with all my farms so I could afk there and have all my farms active in one place with a big storage area in the middle for all my drops.

  14. This is crazy, but maybe fill it all up with tnt and blow it up, although you would likely need a sand duper and an insane gunpowder farm

  15. Build a purple and black checkerboard pattern wall up to world height, someone didn't download CS source

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