This is fun to watch

  1. I personally think there’s a difference between copper and the firefly. Copper is way too common for the amount of uses it has. I hardly ever find anyone who actually wants to build with it anyway. The firefly tho would add ambiance and make the game more aesthetically pleasing

  2. That was just an early preview of how fireflies would look. Remember how much the texture of Deepslate has changed from when it was originally shown in the 2020 Minecraft Live?

  3. Fair point. And one i haven't seen to much. I don't rely care as long as we continue to get free updates.

  4. Tell that to Mr. Toycat and others ... Also this meme was just about this civil war nothing more.

  5. They would prob have to be an entity for that, which could cause lag. I'm not against it at all just have to keep that in mind. I'm staying neutral in this war.

  6. If it was truly useless then why bother adding things like fogs, clouds, the sun and the moon, sounds, music, etc. It adds to the immersion and makes the game feel and look better

  7. Clouds, sun and the moon has mob spawning mechanics tied to them. Sounds indicate what block/mob you are interacting with. Fog increases difficulty in finding things further away, especially in the Nether.

  8. The argument I see a lot of people use for the removal of fireflies is that all they would be is ambience, and that they people for fireflies didn’t like polar bears and such when they would added and therefore it is a double standard. However I have a few reasons why the fireflies are a better edition to mc than polar bears or other ambient mobs

  9. People gotta understand it’s not just about “tWo PiXeLs” it’s about all the promised features they didn’t deliver.

  10. Like i said your pointless civil war is fun to watch. Especially how you take it way to seriously.

  11. I do find it somewhat funny how everyone was complaining how simple the firefly looked, and now a lot of people are saying they're "essential"

  12. This is why i came back lol. Haven't had so much fun on reddit in months. This tribalism shit is so funny.

  13. This is my holiday. I love watching this people fight over ''two pixels''. This civil war is so fun.

  14. Regardless, it would stop mobs from spawning, it gives off a faint low light level, great ambionce for the new swamp, and would be cool if you put them into a lamp for a new light source

  15. I mean, weren’t people complaining and making fun of them when they got announced? Suddenly people are acting like not adding fireflies is some great crime

  16. I see similar styles of arguments in other game based subs, (especially for a certian ttrpg), but damn I was actually kinda shocked that the same eventually happened to

  17. It’s more so we want the ambiance, but also we are a little tired of Mojang not giving us what they showed at minecon

  18. TBH I don't get why they can't just have fireflies function as a living light source (like the glow squid but weaker cuz smaller)

  19. TBH I don't get why they can't just have fireflies function as a living light source (like the glow squid but weaker cuz smaller)

  20. Literally all I heard when they were announced was how much everybody hated them but now that they were cancelled all I hear is how much everybody wants them. I don’t get it

  21. I like atmopheric mobs, I would love it if mojang made minecraft have funtioning ecosystems (although that probably would be a programming nightmare)

  22. Then the cat is the part of the community that doesn’t even care and is posting memes that aren’t about the wild update

  23. The Copper golem and Glare are even more useless, but The mob vote candidates of 2021 had a very low bar to clear anyways due to the 2 mob votes before them being horrible. So in comparison, the Allay is just Better.

  24. Its not about the 2 pixels its about mojang using excuses to not deliver the things they promised and have resources to easily achieve such as the birch forest revamp, also they just been focused on making the warden invencible and neglecting all other gimmics or personality of this update

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