Boss Level Tit Job

  1. Between the bra band rubbing your shaft and the sheer dryness between her breasts that probably wouldn't feel too great.

  2. There's nothing supersensitive between the breasts, but there are women who get off on this the same way a number of women get horny when their husbands do household chores.

  3. The stupid excited look on your face when we propose it is worth the annoyance and chin pokes. Plus I find that I am provided with more post-coital snacks and snuggles when I go the extra mile. As it turns out, there's a lot I'd do for a Klondike bar.

  4. You can be aroused by the action, like I get by giving my boyfriend a blow job. But it doesn't feel pleasurable or anything. It just feels like a dick getting rubbed between skin. The faces some girls make while getting their tits fucked is hilarious.

  5. You could probably relate it to fingering a girl. There's nothing inherently pleasurable about rubbing a clit, the enjoyment comes from knowing the pleasure you're giving someone else.

  6. I was going to laugh when he busted in a few pumps, then when I realized what we were dealing with I was going to be surprised if he lasted a few pumps, then it cut off before he busted anyways.

  7. oh, wait i read that as a implant surgery. if those are natural holy fuck but they probably arent.

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