Does anyone uses LOKKA automatic differential locker?

  1. So yea I have them front and back in my 89 Trooper. I absolutely love them, they take me anywhere, and have been super reliable. I wheel the shit outmmy rig, just check out my page for some examples. However in saying that, thier response times, customer service and delivery times suck to the Nth degree. You'll get them. Eventually. And they will reply to your email. Eventually. I also ordered mine pre covid so with thier lockdown protocols it could be even worse if that's possible.

  2. If you are in Canada look into the Spartan locker. Same concept. I run one in my bronco front end and it works flawlessly. Just makes a lot of noise when hubs are locked. It’s completely normal thou.

  3. I'm in the US. I ordered one late 2020. No emails other than from PayPal that money had been sent to them. On the website it said 6-8 weeks. After about a month with not even an order confirmation I emailed them, nothing. Talked to the guy who told me about them and he said "oh yeah that's how they operate, the only email you'll get from them is when it ships." After the 3 month mark I emailed them every single day for an update. I found another email to contact them as well, so I had their PayPal email, and then 2 "sales" emails that I was emailing. The first response I got was in August of '21, about 9 months after I placed my order. The person I talked to said my order had gotten lost when they switched systems. I thought "well that's understandable but I've been emailing you guys for 6 months at this point why did it take this long to figure out what happened?"

  4. They really need to do better with organization and communication if it takes 6 months to realize they fucked up and finally responded.

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