The Department of Homeland Security is getting aggressive in Downtown Los Angeles at the pro-choice protest

  1. I mean, thats about as well as it can go. No one escalated the situation. Police tried to assert their authority, citizens protested, police assessment was that there was not really any immediate danger, kept emotions and ego in check, protesters showed their strength and resistance without overstepping. All said, it would be great if most police/protester situations went this smoothly.

  2. This is getting outta hand. The Bloods, Crips, and Kings need to step in and do something about the crime in this city!

  3. The national guard is for riot control. Unless they're near a federal building, there is no reason for federal officers to be involved.

  4. DHS police have jurisdiction in and around federal buildings and offices, GSA owned and leased. Probably one nearby.

  5. Piggy back on top comment - why is everyone screaming at cops / homeland security in the first place? They seems to be set off as soon as the cops arrived. It looked like they were protesting to the cops.

  6. I can't wait for Ben Shapiro's hot take about how they should submit their concerns in writing or whatever bullshit he comes out with.

  7. Just like how it's ironic that a cop who tased a pregnant woman in Florida (causing her to miscarry) wasn't charged with murder

  8. Ay bruh I'd rather it not be televised here. Shits catching on and now we have all of these Clive Palmer posters saying freedom and the boomers will actually believe it's not just so he can open mines for the Chinese anywhere he wants.

  9. I mean her books were based on real events that actually happened across the world. If it could happen somewhere, it can happen anywhere, even here. People aren't that different. I, for one, look forward to the handmaiden costumes women will inevitably be wearing to protest with. The ones from when Gilead sewed their mouths shut were pretty on point with the message.

  10. You may be right, but I'm not looking forward to hundreds of thousands of American refugees. Speaking as a Canadian of course.

  11. I like how he got out of his car, sizes up everyone, finds the lone female shorter than him who is just casually walking by then decides she's the problem and he needs to put hands on her. When she finds this ridiculous he gives her a shove and then pulls out his beating stick cause he means business... before realizing he fucked up when the crowd gets in his face and suddenly men are yelling at him to back the fuck up which he promptly does while the guy with the rifle literally hides behind him.

  12. Dude tried to pick on what he thought was the weakest target. He didn't expect them to confront. He's terrified like a cornered animal.

  13. Bro got out of the cop car just repetitively saying ‘back up’ to absolutely nobody like a Rick and Morty character who’s been programmed with only one phrase and a sole purpose to back people up

  14. DHS cop takes about 15 seconds before escalating to physical contact with someone walking by, then a photographer not much later.

  15. The police in the USA have really made a rod for their own back. They are associated with aggression, escalation and violence so as soon as they show up anywhere, guess what happens?

  16. I’ve noticed that certain Police and federal departments show up and get violent when the people protesting have a legit reason to protest.

  17. It’s believed by many people that the police start shit at peaceful protests to make them violent so they can then Disperse the protesters under the context it was no longer

  18. They're there to support the state, not the people. How many videos have we seen by now of police firing less that lethal munitions into people directly and taking their eye out, they care about their own safety and following whatever orders they're given.

  19. That's the MO: Protest Starts with no/minimal violence, police show up in force and escalate situation, police begin firing tear gas/rubber bullets, riot starts.

  20. Precisely. And then the news reports it as “protesters violently clashing with police” as if the police didn’t show up and instigate everything

  21. A mob with guns storm the fucking capital and nothing happens. A bunch of protestors walking down a public street and suddenly everyone gives a shit. It's so blatant it's only going to make people more upset.

  22. Don’t let our law enforcement let you forget we as Americans have a constitutional right to peacefully protest. About anything, at any time, for any reason

  23. Lmao that’s one thing you have in the US that we don’t have in Britain. The government essentially neutered our right to protest this week :))

  24. We only have that right if it's protected. That right was trampled all over during the 2020 police brutality protests and nothing was ever done about.

  25. Don't let cops forget all that protects them is ensuring Americans feel the social contract is being respected. They wanna fuck around continually, they're gonna find out eventually.

  26. Police officers are meant to de-escalate situations... particularly in cases like this involving large crowds.

  27. It’s almost like he wants to instigate something and use force to reach that desperately needed power trip he craves.

  28. Yeah it's what I'm thinking too. I work in private security and this is a classic case of how NOT to handle it.

  29. Notice how much more aggressive he was when he was confronting a single person. So much schoolyard bully 'reapect my authority' vibes until the motherfucker realized that shit doesn't fly when you're outnumbered

  30. I love it when cops get their own tactics thrown back at them. He was aggressive cause he thought him and his goons outnumbered her. As soon as he found out that's not true he sucked his cock n' balls up his ass and retreated instantly like the coward he is.

  31. Step 1: get out of my car and push a girl to immediately establish myself as the enemy, yeah that'll go over nicely

  32. Maybe he shouldn't have started right off the bat being aggressive with that person. That seemed to really set the crowd off. Rightfully so.

  33. Why don't cops talk to people ... like show some support for the people and help actually keep the peace...

  34. I mean, he got out of the car and was immediately spit on. Where I'm from, that's an immediate ass-whoopin'. I'd say he handled himself pretty well, all things considered.

  35. The American government does not consider it's subjects to be human thus there is no worry about violating human rights.

  36. Fucking asshats. You don't get to block a street and then claim you're not doing anything. Just back off. They didn't ask to be there and they get to go home.

  37. Ok but why are the protestors being aggressive and getting in their face, though? And then people wonder why they get pepper sprayed or arrested…just entitled foolishness. I don’t really care how upset you are about something, you don’t get to behave like that. But I guess that’s today’s society.

  38. I just got my vehicle broken into today. I chase away the dude and he dropped his tools. They didn't even bother getting finger prints.

  39. What a dumb ass cop. To cops- does being overly aggressive the moment you see a civilian ever fucking work out for you? I can’t wait for a rebellion. Cops don’t work to protect us they work against us just like this shithole of a government

  40. Yet the dept of homeland security has no way of stopping or investigating domestic white terrorist cells. Smmfh.

  41. K I’m all for calling out the cops when they do fucked up shit but I don’t see anything crazy here. It looks like that woman spit on him in the initial video which I’m pretty sure is considered assault.

  42. Hmmm it’s almost like driving your car into a group of angry people and acting like bully does absolutely nothing to help the situation

  43. They are out of their jurisdiction. Abortion and national security have zero to do with each other. Fucking stupid fucking world.

  44. Typical pig, doesn't take more than 15 seconds until he escalates the situation with violence with a protestor walking by.

  45. Lol I love right when he gets out he just looks around and shoves someone for no reason and immediately escalates the situation. Simply ridiculous.

  46. I am still completely shocked that (at least in the draft) part of the justification for overturning Roe is it caused political strife. As if undoing it would cause a lessening of tension.

  47. Instead of driving in like an action hero, touching a person and not expecting them to get aggrovated, and then saying one signature catchphrase, he should have just communicated like a normal person. He looks like a doofus and only made things worse. He's treating them like criminals and not citizens.

  48. You just wait until republicans send actors to start rioting dressed in protester clothing. They really want to make it look as bad as their insurrection so they will use agitators to turn the crowd into a bunch of violent protesters.

  49. She didn't have to spit at him for no reason though? I'm just as pissed about the Roe leak as anyone else here but that's just low class

  50. I mean, that cop is doing a pretty decent job of just trying to maintain his space. He started off bad by walking up to a woman and just shoving her after HE approached and then told HER to back off. But after that he kinda just backed off himself and told the people crowding him to back up. But I'm sure it's just a matter of time now before the body count starts, unfortunately :(

  51. This is exactly why a Republican leaked the report. Now, they're on TV crying about how dangerous the left is while they take away our rights.

  52. Should read: The Department of Homeland Security and protesters are getting aggressive in Downtown Los Angeles at the pro-choice protest

  53. Stupid macho piece of trash. That person didn't even touch that idiot, just laughed at him and he got all mad. Control your emotions, man.

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