i'm tired from this brawl fanboys saying that, i grew up with brawl but i literally prefer ultimate most.

  1. Those have always been my thoughts on it. People give credit to Brawl mainly because of the Subspace Emissary, but there's so many other good things about it like the music which is the best in the franchise, the good sound design, the realistic visuals that work with the majority of the cast (did you know that 40% of Brawl's budget went into Mario's overalls), the stages, the coin launcher mode, et cetera. It was also the first game to introduce third parties, so that will forever be part of its legacy.

  2. I wish so bad I was into smash during the brawl era. Hearing people have nostalgia for it, now that smash ult is my favorite game like ever. And my first Fighting game. Ugh it makes me wanna know what you guys talk about with brawl so much lol. regardless of if I’d like it or not.

  3. I wouldn’t just say it’s Subspace. Brawl has a bigger variety of single-player content, modes and unlockables than Ultimate. I feel like that gets overlooked a lot just because it’s not designed to be competitive like most Smash games

  4. I know people will hate me, and just for the record I played the hell out of Brawl and prefer it to Melee, but Subspace is overhyped.

  5. I enjoyed World of Light much more tbh. The biggest problem I have with World of Light is that trophies got replaced but apart from that it's just... better designed than Subspace imo

  6. Nah all the newest ult characters feel like cardboard copies of each other. You play a character with an auto auto block so its not like you would know a good fight

  7. The first Smash game I ever played was Brawl, and thought "Wow this is the BEST GAME EVER. A fighting game with tons of cool character from different IPs, an amazing singleplayer experience and a plethora of references and music!"

  8. The slowness of Brawl is what I liked the most about it. That said, even though it's my favorite, it's 17 years old and dead in the water. It's not coming back. And ultimate is damn good enough for me to not care about it anymore.

  9. I feel like I'm the only person in the world who genuinely enjoyed smash 4 over ultimate. Maybe it's because I main Marth, but mostly I think it's because I don't like how good of an option attacking is.

  10. A lot of Brawl apologists come on this sub and try to convince people that Brawl multiplayer isn't trash, wish we could give them the ahem SLIP

  11. There's very minor things I like in Brawl more than Ultimate. The biggest one probably being the better story mode.

  12. Brawl did so, so much for the more casual players (which, believe it or not, is still the main, targeted playerbase). It did almost everything right in that aspect.

  13. Story mode was the only thing better in brawl imo. I do have a lot of fond memories of brawl though but I'm just salty because the random trip mechanic costed me a super close set at a locals way back in the day.

  14. I think Brawl's art style would look really cool on current-gen hardware. The Wii wasn't powerful enough to get as detailed as I think Brawl wanted.

  15. Is that a common thing? I have never seen anyone say that Brawl was better than Ultimate. I do regularly see people (on sites such as Reddit) claiming that they miss the Subspace Emissary story mode though, and I understand that.

  16. Yeah I feel like Brawl is usually considered the worst one. Sometimes the OG is the bottom of the list, but you can’t really hate on a generation defining game think that.

  17. Same with Melee. Nothing against the game, just the people who try to shit on people who prefer Ultimate kinda rub me the wrong way.

  18. Well the additional factor in that comparison is the fact that Brawl actually just sucks though. I don't know who makes an argument for it, it's just the most poorly designed smash game.

  19. Millennial checking in - I've been through all of them. N64 was the true omg moment. Melee was the next level. Brawl was interesting, 3ds was novel, but Ultimate is, well, ultimate. I love a big roster.

  20. It did, I think brawl had the most techs out of the entire smash series (yes even including melee). Yet it was also somehow the worst lol. A lot of it is contributed to how slow and clunky the game felt. It was like playing in slow-mo, not to mention the random trip feature. DACUS was super cool though ngl.

  21. Melee is a better fighting experience, but Ultimate has the better character lineup. But, that's just my opinion.

  22. Its funny because I hear melee fans say this more. K kid, just because you don't have wavedash and frame 1 shines and op rests doesn't mean the game is less fun. It means it's more fair and that the playing field will almost never be dominated by ONLY 2-3 characters

  23. Lol, tell me you don't watch melee without telling me you don't watch melee. Genesis 8 in April, the biggest melee tournament, had 7 unique character in top 8. And the character that appeared twice isn't one of the "2-3" you mentioned (it was peach)

  24. “B-B-But it has story…” and by story I mean cutscenes. Has anyone gone back and played “Subspace Emissary” again? No. It’s wonky side scrolling plat forming with repetitive fights.

  25. Whoever said Brawl was better than Ultimate? Outside of having the undisputed best single player content, it'e been widely considered the black sheep of the series since it released.

  26. I have some great memories with brawl. dope themesong, and subspace was a trip. But I'm pretty sure ultimate is called ultimate for a reason.

  27. I'm a brawl fan but ultimate is better. I like smash games for the characters and brawl had many great new additions like dedede, meta knight, snake and sonic. Guess what ultimate has? Ultimate also just functions way better and gave me banjo, Ridley, k. Rool, and steve.

  28. I wish I grew up with ultimate. Brawl was great and I played it a lot, but ultimate is cool as hell. I just don’t have to patience I did when I was 12 to play the game over and over, Practice combos etc

  29. Brawl is fun with some funny mechanics. I have nostalgia for it but man Ultimate is actually balanced and online, uh...works.

  30. Played brawl for the first time a couple months ago after only playing melee and ultimate my whole life. Was pretty excited because of how much hype the game has

  31. I grew up in the 90s and have played all iterations, I can see the appeal of most of the games. They all do things a certain way that has appeal. 64 was just classic for its time, Melee is a fast paced game with higher skill execution at tournament levels than the other games in the series, Brawl's story mode is definitely the best, Smash 4 Wii U ummmm... well it removed tripping and introduced some nice graphics? (okay, Smash 4 isn't the best but I loved it anyway), Smash 4 portable was nice as the DS was a portable system and Smash run was pretty fun, and Ultimate just combines a lot of the good things about previous games with a nice pace, balance, and technical mechanics.

  32. Ultimate lives up to its name. It's been the best one and I've been a regular Smasher since Melee. There's individual aspects from past games I miss (Melee's faster-paced fighting style, Brawl's story mode, collecting trophies instead of PNGs) but I take the games as a "package deal" and overall Ultimate just offers the most. It's also just way nicer to look at too (in my opinion anyway, the graphics and art style have definitely been polished up).

  33. As someone who got into the series post-Brawl, I long for a subspace like Brawl had, seeing all these characters interact and have fun action stages to explore, in a new game. The 3DS version with the map to explore while getting power ups before fighting was super fun, but I just want a full game like that…

  34. I’ve never heard of ppl defending brawl so hardcore before. It’s usually the melee ppl that are religious and weird

  35. Ultimate is the better game by far but I’d be lying if I said that brawl wasn’t my favourite, something about it just feels more special to me but I ruined ultimate for myself by getting too competitive with it to the point where it wasn’t fun anymore, Brawl never felt like that to me and I just find myself having fun no matter what, only problem I have now is its a pain to set up since my wii u can’t use the gc controllers

  36. I'm not gonna defend brawls multiple player cause yes it was broken. But in terms of single player content there was a lot to ehoy from it. Trophies, adventure mode, stickers. There was so much to gain from that experience that allowed for hours of game play. I can totally see why someone not into it for tournament game play and would just want to enjoy some dumb fun or just want a good completionist challenge would prefer brawl. Remember the coin galaga game? It was fun as shit!

  37. brawl has a better soundtrack and is probably the best in the series (ultimate came close but the e3 theme not being in the game is stupid) and better story mode but ultimate is still better

  38. Competitively Ultimate does better, the gameplay feels a lot smoother when compared to Brawl and there was at least some thought put into balance but I think as a game, Brawl does better. Brawl had multiple modes to play, far more interesting collectibles and a much better story mode.

  39. Brawl's story mode is leagues better. But that's about it. I'd also argue the sound track would be better, but considering a lot of the music that was in Brawl ended up in Ultimate, AND more, that leg also gets swept out from under Brawl.

  40. I don’t think it’s better, but I definitely have more fun playing Brawl. I dunno, when my brothers and I play Ultimate, we get bored easily, but not when we play Brawl for some reason.

  41. the only game that has a case for being better than ultimate is melee because of all the unique tech and fast gameplay. if brawl really was better than ultimate we would still see people playing it in tournaments like melee.

  42. ultimates more fun but i miss the little things like trophies and that coin shooting game thing and whatnot. i feel like brawl had a lot more content but ultimate is much more fun to play in terms of the main smash gamemode

  43. I don't understand why people hate Brawl, yeah it has its flaws but I feel that the characters picked for this game and the story are some of the best you could see in smash bros

  44. Subspace was great, I loved that, the boss rush, and the trophies. The actual fighting wasn't all that great and I couldn't do it for as long as I could with ultimate. In terms of story mode and nostalgia, brawl wins imo, but overall ultimate is much better

  45. Brawl may have had Subspace Emissary but I was actually disappointed by the lack of dialogue and that the story I could make out was littered with plot holes and cliches.

  46. I just don’t get the fighting over which one’s best. Although Ultimate is the one I play the most currently, I don’t know if I could really pick a favorite. Pretty much every Smash game is nothing short of awesome imo

  47. They probably think that good story mode automatically makes brawl better. Subspace was amazing but it alone isn’t enough to call brawl better than ultimate.

  48. I like Ultimate because it's probably the best balanced across the whole roster, it's not blazingly fast like melee, and it's not unbearably slow like Smash 4.

  49. Braw has a better singleplayer (purely due to subspace) and the mod scene is probably one of the biggest (for a Nintendo game)

  50. Brawl was my second Smash Bros game and, while I agree it's nor as bad as everyone says, especially with the Adventure Mode, Ultimate is indeed the better game

  51. Originally my favorite was brawl because it had Sonic unlike Melee and Squirtle unlike 4. I love both characters and used them all the time. The Ultimate came out and brought back Squirtle as well as, well, everyone. The only reason to go back to Brawl is because of the story mode, which I wish they had done again in Ultimate.

  52. When I was younger Brawl was my favorite due to just having more content than the prior installments. Now it’s my least favorite as I now see the difference in gameplay and how it’s just less fun to play than the others. The best thing it had going for it was the large roster of characters and stages, and now that’s covered in Ultimate, leaving it with little to stand on its own.

  53. I grew up with Brawl. I thought this is the best fighting game ever. It's so fast and responsive.

  54. Brawl was a great game and had a lot of great things going for it. Probably the single game I have played the most in my life (playing it for hours on the weekend with the boys) but compared to ultimate and other modern games.....it really hasn't aged well

  55. Melee was better than Brawl. I also prefer some of the character designs in Smash WiiU, but over all, ultimate is the best one I’ve played in the series.

  56. TBH I got more hours in brawl. Then again I am no longer a kid that can get stoned and play brawl all day.

  57. Ultimate is great but I do miss For Glory in smash 4 and not having to choose my character over and over again

  58. I played brawl for the first time in over 10 years not too long ago, it was after I had played ultimate a lot, and I hated playing brawl. It was really weird, the controls felt not as responsive and there was virtually no input control for getting back on the screen, basically just "you are at 87% damage, DK hits you hard, you fly off screen semi slowly but are still dead with zero hope of DI'ing back to the stage."

  59. Seeing this is so funny. I guess I’m a bit older and I could never hearing the “Melee is better than Brawl” takes. Now it’s switched to Brawl haha.

  60. Subspace emissary is the only amazing thing about brawl. I also like the customizable stages but I think that’s an ultimate thing too no?

  61. Real unpopular opinion in certain circles; I grew up with melee, playing it on release and everything, and I still prefer Ultimate.

  62. I'll play Brawl over Smash 4, but I'd still rather play Ultimate. Other people here have been mentioning that Brawl is better in terms of single-player content, which I can't deny, but in terms of gameplay and sheer amount of characters to choose from, Ultimate really can't be beaten. And I know people have their gripes with it, but I genuinely enjoyed the World of Light (though, I can't deny it goes on way too long. If they cut out about a third of it, it'd be perfect in my opinion). I liked having to get creative with my spirits for the various battles, or just skip them and find some other way around if possible. And I just thought that Galeem and Darkon were really cool villains in general, even if they didn't have... Any character to them. Brawl and Ultimate are both great in their own ways, so I think it really just comes down to preference

  63. Brawl is better than melee but worse than 4. Cordially, someone who judges smash bros games purely by its number of characters ans how cool and epic they are.

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