WM. The boys mentioned Manly P. Hall this week. If you want a deep dive on esoteric philosophy and truths of antiquity, no one is a better source.

  1. Just picked up his book, Secret Teachings of All Ages last week and it is really dense with Myth history & theosophy. Definitely a must have. Warning tho, this guy was a 33 degree Free Mason and also a Satanist. One of his books calls out Lucifer as the true god of the Earth & the Free Masons.

  2. That book is a fucking beast but also all of his stuff is like anything, just a tool. Take what you need and leave the rest. I haven't seen the particular book that says Lucifer is the true God, like you I've seen many other examples of him proclaiming love, knowledge, growth, and more. I'm not diregarding your claim, just my guess is that it could have been said within the framework of allegory. Just a quote to of his here that touches upon that mythical analogy that things like Satanism can be seen in the light of:

  3. I’ve tried to listen to Manly P. Hall talks a few times over the past 2 or 3 years but always fall asleep before he ever says anything interesting

  4. Yeah it certainly can be boring if you aren't in the mood, rather familiar with the language used, the context of it all within the history of "knowledge" passed down through time, and make a point to listen rather intently (with some caffeine 😀). I 100% get it. It was worth it for me but he was the life raft I grabbed in my early 20s to escape from everyday common life and thought. His manner of lecture and commentary "speaks" to me so to say so that's why I got all excited when the boys mentioned him, but like everything it isn't for everyone. The boys could break down a lot of what he talks about in a much funnier and interesting way to a lot of us. I read his magnum opus the secret teachings of all ages and the first time understood little. Just felt my brain melting in the good way. Also this kind of content I have to read to get into and keep track of the lines of thought. Listening isn't involved enough for me.

  5. Podcasts and books always have to be my primary mental focus. Distracts me if I can't follow the thread of ideas intently. Curious do you mean background noise like music where you can become completely mentally engaged with something else and fade in/out naturally or are you listening relatively intently while working?

  6. My comment didn't make too much sense... Sorry... in a FM sub I mention that MPH wrote the masonry was a brotherhood within a brotherhood. And they told me he wrote the books on FM 20 years before becoming a FM.

  7. Never in my experience has he said anything that would make me think that. He talks about all of these ancient myths, cults, societies, philosophies, cultures, and much more so the people and ideas he discusses have been used by the religious and profane alike I'm sure. He is more of a historian and philosopher as opposed to someone giving dictum on exactly how to think and live. Like someone said, if you get bored easily, it's boring. It's complex but deeply spiritual and meaningful content that was the catalyst for me in my early 20s to "wake up" so to speak. I obviously don't mean that in some liberal hippy bullshit way, I mean in the existential white pill way. I just googled white pill to make sure what it is and that's exactly what his work did for me.

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