Anyone else got post Kenobi depression?

  1. The boys is honestly a perfect show, I don't dare to give an episode 10/10 tho because every next episode is better, do I'd run out of points. It is a 9.9/10 show

  2. Yes, honestly, the quality of The Boys probably made me dislike Kenobi more than I would have normally. The production quality, writing, and performances on the current season of The Boys really made Kenobi feel cheap by comparison while I was watching

  3. I literally haven’t watched anything except for cooking shows since Kenobi, but last night jumped into S3 of The Boys, it really is strangely the perfect follow up!

  4. I'm legit more hyped for S3 than anything that happened in Kenobi, watched the entirety of The Boys before finishing Kenobi too lol

  5. The Boys, Stranger Things, Ms Marvel, Umbrella Academy, Westworld…even if I enjoyed Kenobi enough to mourn it, I haven’t had a goddamn chance!

  6. I just smashed my 4K TV in front of over 30 guests at my Star Wars party because Kenobi ended today. My wife just took our crying kids and said they’re all spending the night in a motel. This show has ruined my life and my party. I can’t handle this anymore. Goodbye Kenobi. I am no longer a fan.

  7. Thank you for the response. I did go for a walk, but I bumped into someone I know and she said "hello there" when she saw me. But seriously, thank you.

  8. That’s the perfect response. This show happened for the best, but in so many ways we could have never seen it, so I’m too happy it did exist.

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  10. Literally the only thing I can thank Kenobi for is getting me to start watching the Clone Wars after all these years. I can’t believe I dismissed it as a stupid cartoon, it’s some of the best Star Wars has to offer.

  11. Disney is bringing back The Defenders, DD, Luke Cage, Iron Fist (blah), JJ. From Netflix (shows that we squeezed the life out of and cancel after 1 season. -- Netflix tag line.)

  12. This might be a bit harsh to say. But after watching kenobi, everything else i saw felt like a daring exotic masterpiece. For me kenobi was just very bland

  13. Finally someone said it, the characters actions and dialouge doesn't make sense at all, honestly could barely get through episode 1

  14. Right? Everything else now I’m like “oh wow a plot that has actual cause and effect, and it looks like they actually went OUTSIDE to film this scene! Neat!”

  15. In ten Wednesdays, we get Andor. Rewatch something this Wednesday, listen to a SW podcast, read a book. It's great to have something to look forward to, appreciate the time in between.

  16. I just finished a re-watch of Roguge One and paying attention to Cassian's dialogue I'm pretty excited for the upcoming Andor Series. For example he has a line where he says he's been living the fight since he was 6 years old. There should be a pretty good backstory to work with.

  17. This would be a good time to watch or rewatch Rebels. It takes place after Obi-Wan and around the time of Andor. So there could easily be references and crossover.

  18. Totally this. I've always loved star wars but haven't had the time to really engage for 10 years while raising my young kids and working full time. Kenobi was (imho) just fantastic and has reignited my passion for this universe. I ordered 4 books (catalyst, Tarkin, the Rebels book and Lord's of the Sith. I would def reccomend Catalyst it's a prequel to Rogue One and happens around the time Andor will (I believe). The universe is so big and intricate, all of this content I didn't have time for feels like a giant gift.... also started the audio books for the Darth Bane series, it's unbelievably great, would strongly reccomend.

  19. it just sounds like a bait to me, i cant picture someone that actually got so sad for the end of a -at best- mediocre show.

  20. Man I feel like if you feel like this over a tv show you should really get some perspective, no offense but like Jesus Christ lmao

  21. Don’t feel entirely the same but holy crap vas it disappointingly average. It kind of feels like they slapped any old show together for the least amount of money possible just because a bunch of people wanted a Kenobi show. 6/10 at best.

  22. I feel some relief if anything. I was excited for the first episode and continuously got less and less invested in what was happening till I just thought, eh at least they wrapped it up nicely.

  23. The opposite for me. I'm glad it's over. It had a couple of moments that I appreciated, but they were few and far between. This show damages more than it improves, specifically when it comes to Vader. I guess he's just your run of the mill idiot now instead of the incredibly layered and intelligent villain we remember.

  24. Find some generic kids show on Nickelodeon to watch - it’ll be about the same quality as Kenobi (and probably better plots).

  25. Nope. I might be depressed that this show sealed the direction Star Wars is headed in. Could’ve easily been a 10/10 masterpiece. It was at best a 6/10 above average show and in reality a 4/10 below average show. Disney is the worst production studio at putting out quality live action TV right now

  26. Yes, they nailed that TV budget look. Who needs real locations when you can film everything in a 20 x 20ft LED wall space with 0 imagination?

  27. This is Master Obi Wan Kenobi. I regret to report that Kenobi series has ended with a dark shadow of the other series rising to take its place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi. Trust in The Force. Do not return to the Disney+ …that time has past. And our future is uncertain. We will each be challenged. Our trust. Our faith. Our friendships. But we must persevere. And in time, a new Ahsoka series will emerge. May the Force be with you, always.

  28. Agree about Disney Star Wars. Disagree about Boba Fett. Those greaser scooter gang members... I just can't imagine topping them. I'm sure they will, though!

  29. Yea man get help. Show wasn't that great....makes you realize how shit star wars is these days. That's the only depressing aspect. A few pieces of corn in a pile of shit.

  30. Not trying to make your sadness not real, but there is too much Star Wars content out and coming out to be sad! Comics, Books, rewatching TV shows. You'll be alright!

  31. Ik what you mean. I’m a huge Vader fan, and I’ve been dying for some real Vader content and I feel like they have given us a lil taste and now I want more but the show has ended :( and that last seen with Vader and obi wan was very heartbreaking

  32. Get a hobby. Watch a different series. If you still have a star wars itch to scratch, read one of the many novels or comics. They got some good stuff in those.

  33. Not really, I thought the show was at best 6.5 out of 10. In actually glads it’s over. I thought they missed the mark on several things A) too much reva leia B) not enough Anakin Obi flash backs C) no clone wars flashback with ahsoka D) odd story pacing E) weird canon elements (Reva going to Owen and beru) F) Odd grand inquisitor story line

  34. Not really. It was entertaining, but there was no suspense. I saw Star Wars in theaters back in 1977. I knew Leia, Obi-Wan, Vader, Beru, and Owen all would survive everything. You can't be worried for them when you know for a fact they lived through the encounter.

  35. Qui gon died because he was on the light side. Dark side users are able to hold on to life for a bit. That’s how Vader survived getting burned on mustafar, but died immediately after getting redeemed. If he kept being an evil Sith Lord then palpatine’s lightning might not have killed him, but he turned good again and was able to let go.

  36. It's odd. Sometimes, after spending so many years with them, fictional characters can start to feel like friends or even family. When the story ends, it can feel an awful lot like a breakup or death.

  37. I lost my mum when I was 11, and I was 16 when AOTC came out. I found myself identifying with Anakin and his feelings of anger over the loss, and shame that he was unable to save her. It helped me a lot to know that it's OK to feel like that. I think that might be why I'm so attached.

  38. While I didn't particularly feel this way with the Kenobi show despite loving it myself, I have felt this exact feeling with other shows, books, movies, content of that sort before. My own interpretation of the feeling you describe, and the way I have felt in the past, is that in a way you are grieving the loss of this show in your life.

  39. You sound like how a lot of the OT stans sounded like during the 2000s. “The prequels ruined my childhood and now there’s nothing to live for.” If the quality and quantity of Star Wars content dictates your life and mood then that’s a serious problem, especially if you have a wife. I get not having any new show to look forward to every week, but there’s also 70 years worth of tv ready for you to watch thanks to streaminh

  40. Rewatch everything from the beginning! I’m about to because my wife has only seen The Mandalorian so I will live vicariously through her as she experiences it all for the first time! :)

  41. I rewatched the shows with my gf too and the shows are just so good. TCW’s finale is my favorite as well as Empire Strikes Back. You’ll have to let us know what your wife’s favorite is when you’re done!

  42. Wish i felt how you feel after less than mediocre entertainment. Watch Invincible or The Sopranos for the 15th time bud you'll be OK.

  43. Kenobi wasn't that good imo, i liked ep 4 unlike a lot of people and the vader/kenobi duel in ep 6 was great but ep 5 was absolutely terrible.

  44. If you haven't watched all of The Clone Wars, Rebels, The Mandalorian, or The Book of Boba Fett I'd watch those first.

  45. From Kenobi? No. Starwars hasn't made me feel anything since Rogue One, which has truly been the only Disney Star Wars to engage that, the rest has been a wet fart.

  46. Not to be too harsh, but listen, you might want to talk to a counselor or therapist if a 6 episode show affected your life that much. I'm not hating on people liking things, but if a show that wasn't that good is making you that depressed, you might want too talk to a professional.

  47. I don’t really, since immediately after Kenobi ended, Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 dropped, and that was both fantastic and emotionally damaging. And to be honest, Kenobi wasn’t really that impactful to me either. I mean, it was cool to see Ewan and Hayden again, and the show overall was really enjoyable, but a lot of things didn’t work for me.

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  49. Watch some David Attenborough animal documentaries. Just as much dramatic orchestral music and sometimes there’s a weird bird.

  50. Same but for different reasons. I got depression because it was so bad. What saved me were the shows I thought were overrated before, like Stranger things and the Boys, that are having/just had their best seasons to date. That brought me out of the depressing feeling that everything sucks now.

  51. I’m sad about the Jedi that died in tattoonie and how kenobi didn’t care for him or anyone else. The guy was alone and died alone. Why does no one talk about him I’m angry, he was a good guy 😡

  52. I know I’m probably weird, but I haven’t seen Stranger Things at all, so I’ve been binge watching all of it lol. It’s a great show, give it a shot

  53. I kind of felt down after but thought well at least I know how Luke knows about Obi-Wan in a New Hope plus he's probably seen him around after the series takes place before A New Hope . I had been watching Stranger Things & The Boys . I kind of mixed up watching the Boys & Obi-Wan and started Stranger Things over before watching newest season because I like to watch the older episodes to refresh my memory before watching the newest season.

  54. No Terminal List was so much better. Old man on FX is good. Boys season 3, final episodes Stranger Things. For all man kind is good as well. Star Trek strange new worlds is just dam.

  55. I liked the show and everything but this 'post watching can't watch anything else' is the dumbest thing I've heard of ...

  56. I actually feel the exact opposite, I really really loved the last episode but I feel like the rest of the show went in one ear and out the other, I almost feel bad for it being so forgettable and not special to me lol

  57. You can't be serious. The show wasn't good, and even if it wad this would still be pathetic. Go watch something good.

  58. Yep. When a show is so good that you start thinking about it too much. And it gets to your heart. And then it ends

  59. I feel this in a way. The writing, the directing, the shaky cam made me realize that the people in charge of Star Wars right now don't care at all about good storytelling. Leia gets captured. Leia is saved. Leia is captured. Leia is saved. Grand Inquisitor is stabbed but survives because of the want for Revenge, Reva is stabbed by the same person but survives for the same reason. Obi Wan let's Vader survive again but this time full well knowing who he has become and will continue killing more innocent people.

  60. wait for fan edits. They will make the show into a much better-edited movie, cutting necessarily fillers, and making it a more pleasing, and less frustrating experience.

  61. Depresses me too, after seeing everything Obi Wan did to protect Luke and Leia, and seeing him countering his demons against Vader, it just made me sad to realize, that the sequels exist. Anakin's redemption meant nothing, the destruction of the Empire meant nothing(came back), and the Sith never truly died.

  62. Pick up the new book Brotherhood, a new story of Obi and Anakin. And then Secrets of the Sith, the story about Luke and Lando looking for Ochi’s ship from RotS. There’s a third one as well, but I can’t recall it’s name or story. Hell, dive in to the high republic, it’s pretty solid. If you’re a SW fan, there’s literally hours upon hours of content to explore, from books to tv to comics, even LEGO sets or the games. That’s what I do. I do the same thing with basketball when the season ends. I have Kobe books, I watch old games, and I play NBA2k. Shame I haven’t seen a basketball LEGO set.

  63. It's not the fact that I have no Star Wars content, it's the fact that the only Star Wars content I've truly loved in 17 years is over. That being said, thanks for the suggestions, I will get into the High Republic stuff.

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