Enlil and Enki

  1. Since you mentioned trying to fit the Mesopotamian myth into the Christian myth, I can only assume that what you read was an account of the Deluge, of which we have several.

  2. This is by far the best comment here. I'll just add a few remarks (addressed to the OP, but perhaps useful to you as well):

  3. Thank you for taking the time to detail this all for me I really appreciate that. What I read was obviously a nothing like you and others have claimed. No wonder my head was hurting. Later religions lend some myth from Sumerian myth and it seems like they have simplified it. Probably not the right words I know but I am really just discovering this.

  4. So there are a number of alleged syncretisms within the so-called Neopagan community. However, these are typically modern conventions as is the case with the aforementioned religious entities you have listed here.

  5. Indeed, there is no genealogical relationship between ancient Mesopotamian religion and Judaism and Christianity (although there were influences on the former). Judaism derived from the autochthonous Canaanite polytheism, which is also interesting in its own right.

  6. It's my belief that Enlil, Enki and their father An(u), are the trinity of Gods who would inspire the later Abrahamic God.

  7. Let's look at it the other way around. Try to fit Christian myths to Sumerian and soon you will realize that Abrahamic religions like Christianity Judaism and Muslim all originate from the Sumerian epochs making these religions less original.

  8. Why on earth are you trying to hamfist a myth that predates christianity by thousands of yrs into a Christian framework?

  9. I'm not I'm explaining what I read. Thanks for your feedback. What I read linked it very directly. Hence why it caught my attention. Also why I mentioned that I don't know if it's accurate.

  10. Enlil is the storm god of justice and law, most equate him to the old testament god from the bible. Enki his brother is a Hermes like character that helps mankind with knowledge, and aids with water, wells, and rivers, and heals people occasionally. He could loosely be equated to archangel Raphael. Jesus could be Dumuzid the shepard.

  11. Haven't seen this mentioned so figured I'd add it on--since it looks like you're talking about the Deluge, that story is very likely based on the real-world flooding of the city of Shuruppak at the end of the Jemdet Nasr period, based off of archaeological evidence such as flood deposits and The Instructions of Shuruppak, an early piece of wisdom literature which is composed as lessons from the last pre-Deluge ruler of Shuruppak to their son, the later protaganist of the Deluge myth as expressed in The Epic of Gilgamesh.

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