GME Filing With SEC Last Month Mentioned Possible Crypto Dividend

  1. Yes, old news but I'm down for someone who hasn't heard it yet to learn there is stuff to be excited for.

  2. We kinda new it but it was TL;DR now that I saw it in a video just the moments highlighted makes me feel more optimistic for the future. Just need more patience for RC to step on a Lego.

  3. This has previously been discussed here. Tits were jacked from this, but jack them responsibly as the language matches standard boilerplate templates for this sort of thing.

  4. I used to watch Chico in 2018 when I was trying to get rich on c r y p t o before I was trying to get rich quick on game. Cool

  5. One of my friends is a big fan of this guy's channel. Kind of trippy to hear him talking about GME instead of crypt0. Dude has a pretty big audience and following too.

  6. There is no verifiable evidence that Finestone works for GameStop. That goes for the rest of the "NFT Team" being promoted on this sub. Matt and friends are running a scam.

  7. Because it is 100% boilerplate text. Identical or substantially similar text can be found in all sorts of filings from other companies.

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