[DK / SE / NO] Attention SCANDINAVIAN apes: I can confirm that NordNet lets us DRS our shares to ComputerShare. Here's the confirmation I got from them today.

  1. Sorry for hijacking top comment, but I've communicated with both Nordnet and ComputerShare, and Nordnet seems to be confused about this. A comment way below says Nordnet is currently actively looking into this which is promising. Here are the instructions straight from the CS live chat which seem very clear but conflicting with the instructions I got from Nordnet:

  2. Der er god stil, jeg sidder til møde på skolen, men kan slet ikke vente med at komme hjem og få kigget på det:) Jeg overfører dem alle sammen.. 🤷‍♂️

  3. Käytä vaan IBKRrää, sillä on vaan 5USD kulu siirrossa. Toki jos siirrät ensin muualta sinne niin tulee kuluja, Nordnet ja SwissQuote pyytää 50€ per siirto per ISIN. Etu myös että IEX routing ostaessa. Voi mennä jonkin aikaa ennen kuin Nordnet saa itse ajan tasalle siitä miten DRS prosessi itseasiassa menee

  4. I called Nordnet in exctasy! but in my case, she said they were actively looking into it as of today and would call me personally tomorrow about more how it would work and all that.

  5. From other transfers I've seen, CS lets you know when and how to do that after the transfer is initiated.

  6. From a ibkr post CS will create an account for you when the transfer from your broker is done. Then you will get instructions to log in to CS. You're not able to create an account at CS as a non-US citizen yourself.

  7. Nordnet told me that I just need to fill out a power of attorney for the transfer to Computershare and then call CS and give the contact details to Nordnet's transfer department (info provided by Nordnet). Once that is done CS can start the transfer.

  8. Saxo bank is supposedly able to do DRS transfers, for $1000. I have initiated a transfer to IBKR instead, for €50, and will do the DRS from them.

  9. Det låter smidigare att överföra aktierna än att ta och köpa genom Computershare. Vet någon hur själva köp processen går till?

  10. För att kunna köpa aktier från Europa hos CS måste du först ha ett konto med CS, och det kan du bara göra med att skicka aktier som du redan äger från t.ex. Nordnet.

  11. I made more progress today. Nordnet had insisted that Computershare send their transfer department an email. I called Computershare this afternoon and they said 'that's incorrect, we don't do email, your broker needs to initiate the transfer'. I called Nordnet and explained this, the person I spoke with understood, found that the power of attorney I had filled had the needed details and promised to progress the transfer process.

  12. Til alle som ikke ved det, så er der en subreddit for danskere (andre fra Norden er også velkommen :) ), som hedder gmedk

  13. This has made wanna go after Saxo, and demand my shares transfered now. Great job mate. Skål i Skive, fuck Randers og alt det andet danske ! Go SCANDINAVIA

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