When you buy/hold for ten months, transfer from RH to Fidelity, change subs 3 times, vote your shares in the shareholder meeting, up doot all the daily discussions and CS posts, share shitpost memes, read mountains of DD, then transfer all your available shares to CS and get your own purple circle.

  1. Sadly payday barely covers bills and doesn't allow for much more buying. Only reason I was really able to afford to get into this shit in the first place was due to stimulus checks

  2. I eat a whole lot of cat food at night, so I feel sick and want to go to bed, so I don’t stay up all night thinking about GME, so I can spend all of the next day thinking about GME.

  3. Wait for the implosion of Citadel’s biggest lender. Boa. They give out people’s info way too freely so I was on some fuck them shit before I learned about that.

  4. Same boat, probably gonna buy some new merch from GameStop when I have time to look. Their t-shirts have been pretty great.

  5. Yeah, what the fuck happened after the vote??? We must have voted more than the float, right? Why didn’t anything happen?

  6. Start working as much as possible to buy more shares. Think about it like this: earn an extra $175 per week mowing lawns or delivering food is like making an extra $50,000,000 per week.

  7. As for me, i just continue to reduce my managed IRA holdings by moving the funds, then buying up stock in a self directed IRA account. I mean, my 401k is going to tank anyway, so why not?

  8. Now you're going to wait and you're going to wait and you're going to wait until they feel the pain, until they start to bleed. 

  9. We come a long way, learnt a lot about the markets and how corrupt every motherfucker is and now we just wait to get paid 🚀🦧 DRS FTW

  10. I’m still waiting to transfer to CS and it’s killing me, praying the float doesn’t close until I’ve managed to get in

  11. This what I'll be doing since I did all that and look like the female version of that dude: Hodl. Buy the dip. Waste time listening to blowhard Kenny. Buy merch from Gamestop (like actually do something to help RC achieve a positive EPS). Comment on every other post. I'm a gonna continue being a good ape.

  12. Also only put in what you can afford, if you’re worried about bills obviously that now needs to be a focused priority. You got enough GME pal

  13. I've asked everyone of those questions one by one after each one has done nothing. So what are they going to try to see what sticks next. Just hodl the line 😏🦍😏🦍😏🦍😏🦍🤔🦧

  14. “And for these lucky apes…..” None of what was described, is luck. If anything it’s Luke. As in , Let your shares be with you. DRS

  15. Man, we have been through some shit, haven’t we? The destination may be MOASS, but this whole journey is deserving of its own “MOA” designation.

  16. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent 2 hours on the phone today trying to find out why my transfers haven’t gone through. Next?

  17. Sounds like you're a smart individual investor who made a great decision about your stocks. At this point you should enjoy your time, try a new hobby.

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