Turn Around

  1. Lol my edibles were so far engaged into my smooth brain that I thought it was just a meme until I read your comment and realized it was a video and now I see I am your autist brother

  2. I fucking love this whole GameStop saga. I honestly gotta give it up to the short sellers, they know how to make life interesting and feel like a movie. But I aint selling.

  3. ...i get this tingling sensation around my pectoral muscles and my ding dong. Usually around the time GME dips. Or rips. Or I see an RC tweet.

  4. How much you want to bet there is another pic of this where he is facing forward that gets released later, at the prefect time?

  5. That clip of the gorilla, is actually from an ad for Cadbury chocolate. In the original he is doing the drums to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins, which, to be fair, is also a suitable song :D

  6. Fantastic. I love seeing all the fire memes that come from this group, like I’ve said like ten times before, the talent here is unreal.

  7. “It feels like we’re headed in two different directions” and a “backwards” tweet from RC?? Decem go brrrrr 🚀🚀🚀🐍🐍🐍

  8. Damn this is amazing! Such a good job, I am blown away by the creativity shown here everyday but this is something special. Nicely done.

  9. I love this community so much. I love the culture that we have created. That we all share. I love how much I loved this video, knowing if I shared it with my girlfriend she would look at me like i was stupid. She’ll never get it, she’ll never understand the months of camaraderie that have developed. I love you all

  10. Damn that just made me shed some tears, because I know this is beyond making a quick buck or even life changing money it's like a Pheonix that rises from the hashes! GameStop was thought to be Celler box and share the same faith as blockbuster or toyrus but on the contrary it exploded on SHF face. What a beautiful story I can't wait to tell generations about this moment in history.

  11. This is amazing! I love how you lined up the drumming ape with the music, and all the face swaps made me chuckle. I really hope RC sees this! 👏🏻👏🏻

  12. Commenting for the historical value. One day I will bring my grandkids back to this video when telling them how our family gained generational wealth.

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