Co-workers think it’s funny how much I’m “losing” on GME

  1. I’m there with you. It’s easier to be silent and keep learning. It’s impossible to talk to people about this stuff just in general cause there’s a bit of a learning curve to it and the average person doesn’t show interest.

  2. I do the same. I’m not a stock person at all, I’m a primate example of a smooth brain ape. But sometimes others talk about their stocks and I mention them about the GME stock and they are quick to quip about it being a meme stock and the market values real price is low and the squeeze already happened. Bitch, I don’t know what all that means! I eat crayons mother fucker. All I know is my shrewdness of apes say DRS and feed the bot, then I DRS and feed the fucken bot. Fuck your Tesla, your Apple, etc. GME means Give Me Everything!

  3. I think my closest friends think I'm just some aluminum hat wearing guy now, so I stopped talking about it. Actually, I brought Evergrand up again, and I think it just makes them anxious or nervous. Everyone just wants to go on living their lives as they are now, they're not interested in change. They seem content being fucked by the elite. I'm not content with that... I want change...

  4. I have a few friends in a "Degens and Derivatives" groupme I talk about meme stocks and positions with and some in a crypto/nft discord but outside that only 3 friends and my father know how balls deep I am in gme at this point

  5. When they come asking for money after, it's much easier to tell them to fuck off when you warned them. There's going to be so many sweet sweet I told you sos for me

  6. Just tell those ignorant coworkers you sold for a loss and got out. When you quit, tell them you’re moving into a cardboard box.

  7. MSM FUD works alarmingly well on the masses. I’m excited about the stock, and know enough to defend my position. I actually enjoy correcting misinformation, and pointing out how terrible the bear thesis is.

  8. Literally NO ONE knows I hold GME and only GME. I've never been an investor and no one asks. It's came up in conversations and I just simply fail to mention that I'm a crayon eating ape. I just smile and nod.

  9. As I told my coworkers I wanted them to see me lose "gains", just so I can show them how manipulated it was and bang when right back up, but as other apes said I'm done telling ppl to look into it or invest, those that do nice, those that don't your choice also nice

  10. I have no interest in getting a new car I just can’t wait to fix my damn windshield on my honda civic

  11. I guess they don't understand unrealized losses... they must not be investing and are daily grinding a 9-5 hoping to get social security from uncle Sam when they're 65...

  12. Exactly. I hate the fact that I was on that path for so many years of my life. I'm 32 now, and wishing I got into the stock and crypto market in my early 20's when I didn't have adult expenses like a house, utility bills, gas...goddamn kids....

  13. Still don’t understand why I pay 5k a year on that Social security crap. I ain’t gonna see it when I turn 65 in about 30 years smh

  14. When this is done, my wallet won't have no more space with all the money in it ... unless it's a digital (counterfactual) wallet. 😅😉

  15. Yeah i was planing on taking my bros to a all expese paid comicon trip. But the second they started telling me i was scamed and lied to and they start craking jokes on me is when that fucking ship set sailed.

  16. My friend told me yesterday he hates GME and hopes it fails. Just because he sees it in the media all the time. I'm excited to take him on my yacht and tell him that he could have been beside me in his own yacht.

  17. Lol I just told friends to buy and a couple reasons why, if they didn’t listen then they ain’t gonna be livin next door in Beverly Hills is all I’m sayin.

  18. Ive just gotten quieter with GME related discussion. I’ve said my piece to so many people. I’ve gotten shrugged off and argued with many times. So now I’m quiet. Quiet, zen, and ready to blast off. I wont be seeing most of those people post MOASS so I’m not concerned.

  19. I gave my family members predictions of the last three run-ups from reading DD. It took a lot of arguing and bickering about riskiness, and they're not going all in (as they shouldn't) but suffice it to say, they seem to have faith in my analysis after the third prediction. They've toned down their picking and prodding at me for now at least.

  20. This is basically me, at this point whoever is in, is in. I have some people who never fail to rub in every time we have a dip, so I dont argue anymore, I simply remind them that I dont think the price is real and that only time will tell.

  21. Do you remember when it dropped from 400 to 45 and then back to 300 and then back to 130 and back to 250 and back to 130 and back to 250 and back to what it is today.

  22. Wen in doubt, do due diligent research into the criminal and illegal suppression of the price from Kenny and SHF’s, see that GameStop is a massively undervalued stock headed by Ryan Cohen with a massive loyal base of both customers and investors.

  23. People ask me at work everyday on whether or not im rich yet. One guy in particular keeps asking "Are we rich yet?". That guy is never going to know where i live

  24. Tell them you've lost faith now during this price dip. You've obviously paperhanded, with just about enough profit to buy some cake for your colleagues. 😉😋

  25. I’ve only told my close friends who invested in GME. I didn’t bother telling any of my colleagues. The less that know the better 😄

  26. I have two coworkers who used to work on wall st before the '08 crash. They both think I'm fucking insane for dumping money into gamestop. Just today I processed a 15k loan to dump into gme. I say to the one guy, I just took out a 15k loan. His response, "oh you're gonna listen an open a Roth?" I say, "no, it's all going to gme." his reply, "have fun explaining that when they go bankrupt." this guy CONSTANTLY tells me to watch coke rat and follow his trades cause he "makes money". the other guy says over and over, Wall St never loses. They're gonna win this and all you people are fucked. Honestly, listening to them makes me want to take out the maximum loan I can and dump it all into gme.

  27. Buying things with money you don’t actually have is how the SHFs got the world into this shit. Being “certain” that you’ll win a bet is not a good enough reason to ever bet more than you can afford to lose, imo.

  28. You'll be laughing when the NFT dividend drops and you get the only charizard NFT for the quarter. Then you turn around and flip it for 420.69 ethereum

  29. I will get a Spider-Man NFT from popcorn. How come that they have an NFT promotion first than gamestop. Is Gamestop not listening to our suggestions the same way popcorn is listening to their fans' suggestions?

  30. Start recording a video when you’re hanging out with them. Go around asking each of them what they think of GameStop. Send this video to them each day during MOASS but end it with a picture of your bank account. Every year on DFV’s birthday, send them the video again for the rest of their lives.

  31. As much as it will be satisfying to say I told ya so to that stick in the mud, you really shouldn't have said shit to anyone. Now you're going to have to make up a lie about how you paper handed on the way up. Otherwise you're going to have jerks all up in your ass thinking you owe them something since they were your "friends" before you made it. Fuck vanity and showing off. All superficial games

  32. Bet they were real silent during the run ups. Fuck em anyway it doesn't matter. When stuff like this happens just think of all those clowns that were shitting on DFV who have now deleted their accounts

  33. Nobody but my wife knows (she asked wtf was GME back in January when she saw a text message from Vanguard, so I came clean lol).

  34. There's so much fuckery going on and it's not normal. We know they know we know they know they're fucked. That's why there's so many errors and glitches. It's complete bullshit. Collusion and manipulation is illegal but we will prevail, no doubt.

  35. Honestly I have zero shame telling people about my love affair with GME, even if some of them laugh. I have noticed several things:

  36. Me too dude, I’ve told them all to buy many a time and tried to explain just to help these people! and when these same people come back to me like “wow you’re so lucky” I’m going to leave and never come back lmao this isn’t luck my guy this is over a year of buying hodling and DRS’ing my favourite stonk

  37. Well don’t think those same people won’t be hitting you up for money. I would have a very good plan to disappear. For example, I’ve told only a few people and when this pops off I don’t plan to stay one more night in my current home.

  38. It's the same way the people laughed at burry when he wanted to short the housing market in the big short. They will see

  39. MY OPINION,,, keep your investments to yourself.,,, be a ghost 👻,. one day You turn to everyone smile, wave , and walk out the door ,,, to a 20 foot limo, driver holding the door,,,

  40. Why would you even mention it to them. They’re too chicken to invest money, and want nothing more than you see you fail to make them correct

  41. Right there with you bro! Let them talk 😁👌🏻 you’ll be the one walkin’ years before them. Can’t wait 😁💎✊🏻

  42. Over Thanksgiving when trying to talk about Loopring even, and the NFT marketplace, and I even mentioned hashgraph as a boomer friendly crypto and I was told this DLT crypto shit is a fad.

  43. My manager still makes fun of me every since I bought in Jan (bought almost at peak 400 and avged down ever since). He always greets me in the morning "how's the air on the moon?" I know its in jest and he's a nice dude, but I just can't wait to say "I'm about to sample it next week."

  44. Tell them you sold at $250 two weeks ago and that you walked away with a nice profit for a car down payment.

  45. I'm pretty chill and play ignorant when it comes to financial conversations now but bet your ass I'll slamming the buy button like a psycho every single dip.

  46. Be sure to tell them you paper handed early, otherwise you will hear a line up of sob stories as to why they need a slice of your pie.

  47. I don't try to convince anyone IRL about GME. One friend asked, because I had added a "To the moon" comment in one of my test codes. I told them I got out with gains in Feb. I tell my wife the same and point out the backyard redesign as where the gains went (actually from selling off some other stock). Why deal with that? I just talk about it here. I buy. I DRS. I like the stock.

  48. Yes because they don't understand that you're not losing any money, until you sell. You're just waiting for your Account to show the real shareprice and in the meantime the number goes up and down, but who cares 🤷‍♂️!

  49. Say they are right and you sold at a loss (or even profit depending when you got in), so no one know you’ll be a gorillannaire when the time comes

  50. SHFs must be slamming price for a reason. I don't think it is just to fuk with us. I think they fuked on margin somewhere or it is something else dire.

  51. I honestly couldn't care less how much I get slammed on Reddit or elsewhere about investing in GameStop. What I don't want is the attention I would get after they realize how wrong they are and I have made a shit ton of money from it. I stopped talking to anyone about after about may or June.

  52. The day I turn up to work in a tailored suit and an Aston Martin to hand in my notice will be the sweetest day of my life.

  53. This might actually be a good time to tell them you paperhanded. Thus you don’t have to deal with them after MOASS.

  54. I was able to convince the Dr. prescribing my medical marijuana card to drop a thousand on GME the other day. First person I've been able to reach. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy.

  55. they dont have to get u we do. its impossoble unless they do some dd to c thru the constant repitition that its not a buy. u dont realise how powerful that is - they dont know a thing but claim to b right. lmayo

  56. I was getting all sorts of weird vibes buying more as it dropped. My largest purchase order was at $50 on the way down! Only reason it’s at $50 and not $40 is because I ran out of liquid cash at the time. I just kept buying it because of the thesis. I’ve since averaged up but still way below what the price is today. So when my friends all jumped ship at a loss, I’m green even during dips like today lmfao! They ask “so how much money you lose today?” And after I tell and show them I’m still up 5 figures they ask why I won’t sell it and they tell me I’ll lose it all, and I just smile at them and say “no, not yet, not today” and think “Why the fuck would I listen to a paper handed bitch who sells at a loss?”

  57. How would they even know about it? We're not a cult and I'm not trying to get one person to join me. Let them figure it out themselves. I personally don't talk to anyone about it outside of my brother. No one needs to know how many shares I have or how much I make of them and no one ever will!

  58. Ahh I love these posts. Usually when people need to start “reminding” you how shitty of an investment GME is is usually bullish for big up moves in the coming weeks. MSM getting to them.

  59. So they knew about your January buys, yet all these months later, they still have nothing more important in their lives to talk about other than gamestop

  60. Let’s see who’s laughing once you’re pulling up to work IN a Lamborghini about to hand in your 2 weeks notice.

  61. You must be telling them the wrong things then. Because I normally tell my coworkers...I told you so on every dip and that I hope it dips lower because I'm greedy.

  62. I would tell them you panicked and sold. Remember news worth 10 quarterly reports is coming out before Dec 31st.

  63. My coworker is trying to buy more....... my boss bought more.... I bought a few more..... we doing it right in my shop

  64. Shit, I've bought 4 times now at different dips and somehow even after today I'm still in the green. I want it to dip again so I can buy a few more! Hedgies r fucked.

  65. If they can’t see the potential for the stock and you don’t think they’ll buy a ticket to the moon then stop telling them you have shares. Say you sold to get out, they were right etc. that way when it does moon they won’t be coming after you for cash

  66. Yeah, I think this is something that’s missed by outsides. Most of us have fallen in love with the Stonk and aren’t worried about these numbers.

  67. I’m going to write a post on this at some point but there is a way to convince normies. You have to essentially tell them easy to understand terms that lets them arrive at the conclusion themselves. The easiest way to get there is to tell them that the vote came in at 100% of the float voted exactly to the number of shares available in the float. Mathematically, it’s impossible to perfectly hit this number without the float being over voted which means that there is clear excess shares. Then tell them about VW and how the short interest was only 12% and leave it at that. You can fill in the rest with the knowledge you have developed over time.

  68. Wait till they start asking why you aren't showing up for work anymore. I had a coworker laugh at me saying "oh so you haven't retired yet. " I didnt say anything because my absence will speak louder than my words 🙃🤣🚀🦍🦧❤💎 soon tendies.

  69. People laugh to feel better about their bad decisions. They can't stand it that you're still in the green and try to compensate that.

  70. Your first mistake was talking to them about GME. Jokes on them but still, they're gonna try to be up in your zone

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