(OFFICIAL POLL) Based on your responses from yesterday, here’s the official vote for the Superstonk response to the MSM inquiries.

  1. DD is already public and if msm wanted to report facts and actual truth, they would have already referenced it by now. Fuck em .. too bad you can’t send dog shit wrapped in cat shit over chat

  2. Also they would have already created a reddit account with enough karma to post and try and ask questions if they had any.

  3. The DD has been pinned since the second great ape migration. These people aren’t stupid. They just do crazy illegal things without impunity. Which to the normies like 99% of the world seems incredibly idiotic. Which it seems that way because it is. They (including ALL MSM) have destroyed not only the trust and integrity of our markets but the market itself. They’ve definitely already read every DD in here but can’t dispute the validity of them. That’s why they want to talk to this community of individual investors. It’s the only thing they have left to be able to manipulate or call foul on. Ghost them hoes.

  4. I respect your opinion. But sending them the DD will force a reaction, even if it is calling us idiots and conspiracy theorists. This will (likely) force some experts to stand their ground and talk about the systematic problems present in the American stock market. We know that some experts agree with the DD. The media might dictate the narrative, but once MOASS is triggered, people will start to look around to make sense of it, find the DD and ask for systematic change.

  5. As much as I would like to send memes or DD, it's clear that these people do not work in our best interest. Fuck em. Ghost them like my Tinder profile.

  6. Ghost. They need to learn how to chase a story. Research is key. Not trying to bend the facts to support any agenda, let the story write itself.

  7. Ya I don’t get it. If they wanna interview SuperStonk and get us to explain ourselves or better know WHY, it’s like guys…. Read the DD it’s right there. It’s dumb NOT to put money into this investment.

  8. Any interview will just be used in an attempt to frame retail investors and apes for the pending market crash.

  9. Definitely ghost. Sending no message is a huge message. Not only that, any sort of reply will be used as a response you didn’t intend to say.

  10. They won't give us a fair shake and have no intention of reporting the truth. The MSM is equivalent to someone concern trolling you on the internet. They're just doing it for a rise.

  11. They deserve a fuck off meme maybe? They shouldn't get off that easy not like it really does anything but the confusion it make would be funny.

  12. This is the answer. By voting on a response we come off as an organized group, which were not. I'm an individual investor, not sure about you

  13. Any response will be shaped to make us look bad or at worst look like collusion. This is like the asking if we should give the bully that’s been stealing our lunch money every day, a ride home cause he missed the bus. No. You avoid the fucker and laugh a little at how you just witnessed karma.

  14. I feel like memeing them would really annoy them tho lol, just the bugs bunny "no" with the tongue is enough for me

  15. There is no benefit giving the media anything. They will just twist the DD, twist the memes, twist anything you give them to fit their narrative that reddit traders are deviants, who are corroborating against Wall Street. If they really cared they would have been investigating this since late January.

  16. They are likely looking for an angle. Anything other than silence can be construed as “collusion”. They can read the info like everyone else.

  17. On the other hand, we, the users of Superstonk, have responded to moderator's posts about what to do with MSM requests for interviews with mods. MSM seeks to interview the mods or representatives of Superstonk. There are no representatives of Superstonk. There are mods, and they asked us, we said 'fuck off.'

  18. we’re “dUmB mOnEy” remember? fuck them! there is no WE! the DD is there & they’ll spin it & make lies. lets not waste our time. again.. FUCK THEM!

  19. While I have no problem ghosting, I think just a very basic message “there is no central authority or consensus and thus no one that can or will speak on the community’s behalf. We implore you to read the contents of the forum for a better idea of the content that interests its participants and see [DD tab] for a collection of the higher level analysis. Thanks for your interest.”

  20. Mods, I think this poll is a bit flawed. Imo the best option would be to have people select as many/few options (ghost, DD, meme, message) as they want.

  21. How about this, if ghost comes out and wins with less than half the votes, re-poll without that option since apes DO want a response, but need to agree on which one?

  22. The message, if one is sent, should include “As moderators, we only manage the forums to prevent rule breaking. None of us speak for anyone else and there is no unified opinion or coordinated messaging, only the due diligence that you can verify yourself”

  23. And if they don't report negatively this time, it may unfortunately create trust with some people. I feel that angle is even more dangerous.

  24. Ghost Them. They know we're going to tell them to F*CK OFF. They want it to be official to make us look like nuts to any potential new buyers. There is more interest in $GME then ever before. A F*CK OFF from us would be just what they want. Do an RC and let them eat static.

  25. I think any attempt by MSM will be used against us. Do not forget that they push a narrative and change the rules. What happened with Overstock or that Diamond company? We don’t want the fed to force some abysmally low “buyout” price “to save the economy”.

  26. I honestly would love for them to receive a fucking stacked piece of DD from the mods and let's just test what little bit of credibility they have left if any. If they don't do anything with it at the very least they'll be shook.

  27. I personally feel like the dd and meme would be the most impactful, flat out ignoring them can just lead them to create more fud like “APES SCARED TO TALK TO MSM, WERE THEY WRONG?”

  28. Downvote me, call me a shill, i don’t care I’m giving my honest opinion: this poll is not fair. At the end here’s the only two options: respond or ghost. It’s 50/50. However this poll SPLITS respond into 4 options. Add those RESPOND answers and it is pretty fucking even. At the time of this comment the voting would be 1.8k vs 2.4K if the respond choice was ONE option. THEN we can vote how we respond. But idk maybe I’m using too much logic here in just an ape. (Btw I voted just meme if anyone cares to know)

  29. Might be worth ranked choice voting. (Emulated by eliminate the least picked option and vote again. 3k for Ghost and 3.7K split among other options means at least 3.7 apes aren't satisfied with Ghost.

  30. As much as I love the message the meme sends. Any response in general by a mod/"leadership" established a narrative of a collective. Anything with words will find some way of being twisted and used against the sub

  31. We've had this problem before, with the proof or ban vote, there should really only be two options, ghost, or don't ghost, or you could eliminate the bottom two choices and have another poll once this one concludes.

  32. All the responses are juvenile and leave others controlling the message. Perpetual complaining in this sub about no one understanding our level of interest or knowledge gained, and the decision is to say "fuck off" instead of providing actual talking points. Brilliant

  33. I want to KNOW that we sent them to the DD, so that when it all comes crashing down around them, we were there doing the right thing, pointing them to something they could LEGITIMATELY report to the masses.

  34. Guys you're splitting the non ghost vote four ways what did you think was going to happen? We are going to need a runoff with just ghost and the top non ghost response.

  35. Just because we send them DD doesn’t mean they will report on it. They will likely cherry pick what they want to frame apes and retail investors for the pending market crash

  36. Doesn’t matter what edgelords think it’s funny. Only what’s effective, or has the chance to be effective. Memes, ghosting, etc. will do zero for the cause. Won’t help in any way. The only option that may have a positive effect, however unlikely, is to have them read the DD. Someone may actually read it and change their minds, I suppose. So that’s my vote.

  37. But if they wanted to read the DD they are free to do so right now without it being sent to them. And even if they read it that doesnt mean they will actually report on it.

  38. Kinda seems like more people want to promote the DD but it’s too spread out vs ghost (853 DD votes vs 732 Ghost votes)

  39. No offense, as I’m sure this wasn’t intentional, but the way the poll options are laid out is clearly going to skew the results.

  40. I agree the MSM is shit, will misquote us, etc. But I think we’re missing an opportunity if we don’t send them to the DD.

  41. Based on the current numbers: more apes would like a MSM response of some kind. I believe this should be taken into consideration when the voting comes to a close. I propose a second vote on type of response (assuming the 4 response polls are higher than the ghost poll) from the community should be voted on and sent to the media 🤔

  42. Anyone is welcome to click around on Superstonk, find the DD, the memes, the lolz. We don't need to tell them this. We don't need to tell them anything.

  43. I initially wanted option 5 as some balance with civility with the memes, then realized they’d just report that we said “fuck off” without publishing the glorious TBS meme.

  44. Fuck them. Don't give them any ammo about what we're thinking. Why the hell would we tell them a goddamn thing? When this is over, maybe. For now the games still going, I'm not getting friendly with the opposition.

  45. Ghost I don’t know y’all y’all don’t know me I just like this stock everything else is a distraction buy and Drs hold .

  46. Why don't you just literally write "fuck off". You asked us what we wanted to say and most of us agreed on this. Why do we need to be creative in any way, just a brief "fuck off" is the most satisfying thing you can do

  47. I like the meme. HOWEVER, the meme itself 'could' open one up to working as a collective. As everyone agreed to say piss off.

  48. Option 5: I like to start off professionally and pretend this is going to go by their playbook, but I want it to culminate in a "fuck off" regardless.

  49. We need more than GHOST. They will just say, "inquiries or request for comments were met with no response." Instead, we need to direct them to the DD. MSM can choose to actually read up or not, either way it's their choice.... we led them to the water, did they choose to drink??

  50. Like I said on Twitter their agenda is Reddit IPO. They want views on popular subs on this platform. Fuck them. They are POS.

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