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  1. Wake n bake on Thursday feels different...loving in ..got discount sale going in ..might buy some more...I don't know

  2. I remember once there was a trader moving losses to offshore accounts, making max profits on paper. He got arrested after his fond defaulted. Anyone also remember and has a name for me?

  3. Allright, been reading stickies and posts and had a half eye on the GME case ever since it started exploding, but always felt it was a bit too risky.

  4. GameStop announcing how many shares directly registered is a warning shot to SHFs. It allows them to demonstrate a paper trail in court that they did everything possibly to avoid harm to the market. It’s not their fault if SHFs don’t cover.

  5. What time have you been able to call computershare? Do I have to wait until it is morning in gmerica?

  6. So more a question for trading 212 europoor apes. I see people being able to write contracts/options on their shares in us accounts (obv not selling, but profiting all the same). There is no way to do that with the CFDs in Europe/212 right? Does anyone know a good place to explain differences between CFDs and options generally? Before anyone asks I am only keeping what I already have in 212, and am putting other funds into IB-CS DRSing

  7. the odd thing is, that is not specified how that number generated. no mentioning of retail only... for how it stands in the earning report, it must mean "summarized over all parties" and does explicitly not leave out certain parties... i really hope, someone can clarify that.

  8. I don't have a screenshot, but others have posted them before. Bloomberg terminals show RC ventures holding 9 mil, and they wouldn't show up as that unless they were in their name

  9. Currently filling our a drivewealth form to DRS (UK ape with Revolut). Does anybody know Computershares address and DTC number please?

  10. Research question for any ape with more wrinkles than myself: what was the institutional vs insider ownership of Volkswagen when it squeezed?

  11. Did anyone see that post on Reddit about a guy who bought an entire float in a company…. Bought every share….. then the day after the market still traded like 30million of the companies shares…. And this guy hadn’t traded anything… can’t seem to find it again… did the SEC get involved, anyone know?

  12. lol the theory about "Hold/Hodl, DRS ( Dr. Sex ) and WORK" is ever more plausible now with their "public annoncement" of 5.2millions DRS.

  13. One more incentive for everyone to DRS: The more people that DRS the less liquid “lit” markets will be during MOASS so DRS=higher price per share.

  14. Morning sunshines! Does known 200 mil USD increase of inventory on 100 mil loss actually make us 100 mil net profitable without the inventory increase? That is THE question:).

  15. Hi Ape. Without getting too in the weeds…no, the increase in inventory helps explain the operating cash flow decrease on their cash flow statement. The inventory doesn’t hit the P&L until it is sold. You want a company to have positive operating cash flow ( ie- making money from their business ). But they used the $ to buy more inventory ( more than last year). I didn’t hear them explain the “ why “ but my guess is the current shipping issues or fear of inflation and they are stocking up at a good price. For a normal company it would be a red flag because they could run out of cash to pay things like ummm payroll. But GME is sitting on a mountain of cash.

  16. There are no friendly whales nor there ever were nor any of that kind of bullshit. GameStop is going places on its own but if you want to burn the corrupt and rotten financial world to the ground you gotta roll up your ape fur sleeves and drs your banana, period. Having said that I’m still waiting for the first letter to sail across the pond

  17. Idgaf if i’ll get downvoted to hell, I’m not going to sell my shares, but only 5.2M registered? We are so far aeay from the 30+M that was the target, I don’t really think this is going anywhere, I’m sorry

  18. December Ape here. Hang in there! Rome wasn't built in one day. If I had to choose to wait 2 years and be a multimillionaire, I wouldn't even think about it and wait. It's a no brainer.

  19. You realize that it was good news because it was way more than the counts we had here? It means we're moving at a faster pace than previously thought. And that doesn't count the new ATH waves that just started or the fact that this number was so bullish (and being listed in the GME earnings was so bullish) that a brand new wave is being launched as we speak.

  20. By not doubling down on keeping retail investors in the dark, RC has managed to avoid making a very similar blunder made by Toussaint L’Ouverture (hoping that his supporters would blindly and unquestionably follow him without being in the know).

  21. I have to wait until the morrow, good friend. I need to be paid and make sure I cover the bills. I wish you well today! I will almost certainly have to pay more Friday than y'all will get today!

  22. I didn't need the letter. i was able to enter information online to open my account once the shares had settled (roughly 5 business days after I gave them the buy order).

  23. I can’t believe it’s so hard to convince the public that WallStreet literally decides what companies succeed and fail but they fucked up with GameStop and are now doomed

  24. I hope everyone who was waiting for the "earnings dip" wakes up at market open to see they missed the train. I've bought every share I own at market order specifically as a fuck you to Ken and to assist my fellow apes.

  25. Dear Gary, Providing liquidity without delivery is fundamentally unsound and unfair. Sincerely Retail investors

  26. Remember when GME used to fall 20% on “disappointing” earnings pepper ridge farm remembers. Try harder Kenny

  27. I wonder how many of retail doesnt have their shares Drs'd? 2/3? Thatd put the noninstitutional float at 10 mn left. Keep DRSing.

  28. I can't access my cs account yet, so I only drs'd 11 out of 90 yet. A friend had a little over a 100, drs'd none yet but is in the process. Both europoor.

  29. Some of us still had doubts / fear / FUD of all kinds. Gamestop listing the DRS count in the official paperwork is going to be the dam breaker and as a person who was very skeptical of CS (more than I should have been, I'll admit), if you want to change anyone's mind the 2 biggest pieces of information that have swayed me are Dr. Timbath's story about the diamond company that the share holders DRS'ed and found billions of illicit shares and Gamestop officially counting the DRS for us.

  30. There's anecdotal stories of people not on superstonk who heard of DRS from twitter or what have you and there's people on here who aren't feeding the bot for whatever reason.

  31. Unfortunately, the shares of institutions will need to be locked up as well. Seen some math that was way off. These shares are in share lending programs which let them create synthetics even when the retail float has been DRS'd.

  32. This begs the question of will Computershare let retail register beyond the 34mill reserved for retail? If so, is it possible that those institutions in lending programs get locked out of the register??? Now that would be hilarious.

  33. So there's the stonk-o-tracker, gmefloor dot com, and Computershared dot net... I finally sort-of-kind-of understand VWAP (pray for my single wrinkle friends)

  34. My biggest fear, even though I have shares I feel like can't be DRS'ed is something that happened before. Dr Timbath (who did an AMA and has a book out from years ago) talked about a diamond company going into bankruptcy that the shareholders all DRS'ed and found out there were billions of counterfeit shares. But the biggest problem was "ex-clearing" which was a bunch of brokers said they bought your shares and didn't.

  35. They Already turned off the Buy Button once on this stonk accross multiple Brokerages. I would say there may be a risk, yes.

  36. Other then computershare, are there other companies you can direct register with? Or is computershare the only one that exists... (I am computer shared btw)

  37. It depends on what company you're investing in. CS is THE sole transfer agent for GME. I think each corporation has one transfer agent that is their one registration agent for that particular company, and CS is the only one for GME.

  38. Come on RC, time to claim your 20 %. I don`t see a reason for not doing that at this point. They have dipped the price to make it cheaper. The harder they dip it, the faster the float will be taken away from them.

  39. Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, as an Australia registered stockbroker, we are not able to transfer shares to a US share registry due to regulation restrictions.

  40. Then move your shares to somewhere that can. Not Finacial Advise, I eat the crayons I find under the refrigerator

  41. This Sub is the reason I'm late for work Five out of every Four days of the week. Off to bed. HODL is the way. 💎🙌. Much Love Apes.

  42. DRS begun in mid September so 6 weeks of DRS have been tracked by Gamestop. Usually things begin slowly as people take time to be comfortable and are lazy.

  43. I have 2 friends who are causal GME investors but have no idea what DRSing is/means. I tried explaining and showing them posts from here on why its important, but I don't think they want to put the effort in to do it. I feel like there is a large number of casual GME investors in this category who own the share and don't really follow the day to day updates. Is there some video that is easily consumable to help swing this group of people into DRSing?

  44. Dude, show them the fact that Gamestop started tracking it! I've been a bit of a DRS skeptic and seriously, this has pushed me in favor of it beyond all doubt. The fact that Gamestop gave us the official count is fucking incredible and a tacit endorsement in my eyes of doing so.

  45. It had been a frantic day but another one survived, and another pair of pants fully compromised. Kenny shirtcocked in circles around his jet with a glass of old English on the rocks, only the sound of running laundry and his milking machine, which he just leaves running these days. As long as he could feed the great dark lord from his bountiful bosom, he could continue for 1 more day.

  46. You are fricking insane if you don’t see the beginning of the end game in yesterday’s earnings call. Ryan Cohen and his crew are doing their part and making all the right moves to create a juggernaut company. The apes are doing their part by DRSing their shares to starve out the SHFs, DTC, and corrupt brokerages from the supply of genuine shares they need to fuel their crimes. We are at the point in the story where you can already tell how this is going to go. The final countdown has begun, no matter how long or short it is. The MOASS is upon us.

  47. Yup I am freakin jacked and when my dip shares settle from today… you guessed it… they’re getting registered in my fucking name. Fuck you Ken Griffin, Cock Gobbler of Wall Street.

  48. Yeah, but it is better to be pleasantly surprised. The first EC crushed me pretty hard because my hopes were too high. And oh god, the Vote. I put way too much faith in the vote and my soul was crushed for a week or two.

  49. Personal opinions on how big of a machine it is that is actively working against GameStop and trying to control the inevitable?

  50. Asmodeus, the ruler of the 9 Hells. (D&D equivalent of Satan. Rules their own dimension full of a supply of devils worthy of the Book of Solomon). But, just like Asmodeus, they may twist words and mislead, but they are bound to certain rules that not even they can break, no matter how much they would like to.

  51. Im playing dungeons and dragons and my backstory is i got bit by a townie under a full moon (lycanthrope/werewolf)...so i transform into a belligerent, hairy townie. My hat turns backwards, the hair on my chest forms the shape of some local sports team, then i go nuts

  52. Sorry guys I’ve been holding about a year but have been away from this sub. All my shares are with ETRADE. Can someone please explain briefly why I should move them to CS? Is it possible that I won’t be able to sell once the squeeze starts on ETRADE? Is that why?

  53. Worse than not being able to sell. I bet there will bound to be some shenanigans where they actually sell for you to pay back any illegal lending they did.

  54. Long Story short, the Brokerages are mostly all conspiring to Fuc Retail. By DRSing your shares, you remove their ability to Fuc around using your assets. You still hold the shares, bit they're held by GMEs Transfer Agent under your name instead of in your brokerage in their "street" name. Less Oppertunity for Institutions to Fuc with the Stonk through bullshit loophole nonsense

  55. The basic theory is that a lot of brokers are either not buying actual shares (like Robinhood in january was supposedly doing) or that they're lending out your shares even though they claim they're not. Moving them to CS, if you can, removes both of these possibilities.

  56. No, it’s so you are the direct owner of your shares and can be certain they will not be lent out, that you will receive dividends, and that you are entitled to vote in any shareholder votes.

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