I paid $20 just to see where Kenny and Gabe hid the short positions...Dates and times look familiar also, don't you think? I think this fund is holding the bag...

  1. Citadel’s Kensington fund was looking for funding several months back to the tune of $14b dollars, which was equal to that funds AUM.

  2. How are a bunch of retards on reddit (I say with the love and endearment of a mother gorilla) better at this than the SEC?

  3. Any wrinkle brains figure out if Point72/Steve Cohen is involved in this fund…(assuming they are, not verified)

  4. So this entity was created to hide the shorts in another entity on Jan 28? So they could claim they closed shorts? Is that right?

  5. Funny enough, I work in unemployment cost control (during the pandemic we switched to making sure people got UI Benefits) and I use this website daily for Unemployment registrations. The Delaware website is ridiculously helpful!

  6. You know... 1.2 billion divided by $5 share average cost gets real close to 240million shares that there was a magical rumored number of floating around.

  7. When we have to pay 40% on millions of dollars after MOASS, remember, citadel only paid $300 last year.

  8. Check on citadel Americas LLC in the cayman island, they are except from the 1940 act so they don’t need to disclose or show any numbers. Also cannot get audited.

  9. It looks just like the filing for when Citadel became a prime beneficiary of Melvin Capital during it’s bailout.

  10. I ain't selling a single share that is DRS. Until this whole ungodly financial temple comes apart and gives way to a clean, free and fair system for all.

  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/q86kk5/holy_shit_i_think_i_have_figured_out_741/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  12. This is way over my head. All I know is that regardless of what is discovered none of this means jack squat unless rules are enforced by the SEC/DOJ and that my friends isn’t happening anytime soon. Still, I hold for that one day when the world turns upside down and this entire house of cards collapses due to multiple failures.

  13. How many different ways can we fuck the same man? He has holes everywhere. This guy isn't even an end boss, he's like 1 of those annoying cuntey side quest bosses who just take longer to kill for infinite money, so we can afford legendary gears ready for the end game.

  14. I don’t really get it, looking to learn a thing or two. How does this connect to MOASS? good news or bad news?

  15. What’s the similarity of bank of New York Mellon and computer share? What is the custodian? Asking for a friend. Legit question

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